Life is a song, one song, Uni-verse.

There is essence in music, it has its own frequencies that travel throughout the Universe and affect the energies within. When you are in tune to the flow of the Universe, life will step in like a Chorus and enrich your sound/experience, to make your song worth singing, and your life worth living. As physical beings, we have the ability to create music/energy waves, transform vibrations within space to ultimately affect the composition of the Universe we live in. I think that’s magic.


“Life is a song, as inseparable pieces of the Universe, you and I have the power to create its tone, vibration and composition. That’s magic.”

This is the message within the lid of each UC box.



When creating the Universe + Chorus jewelry line, I wanted to make sure each piece had a purpose in your life; whether it be a reminder to make your three wishes for the day (Three Golden Wishes) or a representation of the joy within you when you wear it (Tears of Joy).

All the important things in your life have a name and meaning, this is why each Universe + Chorus piece was born with one too.


Wear the magic and stay in tune,