The Road to Diamonds

Vibrations cannot lie,

They exist, no matter all my clothing,

Much like a diamond in the dirt

Or dog shit in gold coating. 


But there's this fascinating flow in life -  

The law of transformation:

If I am born a canine's stool, 

Soon I'll become the ground I lay on. 


So please don't cover me in gold

Or other precious metals, 

You'd only trap me in a shell

And stunt my phylogenesis. 


I know my road, I know it well, 

Without my senses I will get there, 

With the earth, I'll crystallize  

And as a diamond, reappear. 


- Alissa Alekseeva


How the World Stands Still

Oh how the world stands still if you let it. 
How life speeds by through indecision.
How your body pains if you don't listen.
How your heart blooms when you hear.
How the city holds your hand like a small child.
How you let it shield you from the truth.

How we keep living in our self destruction.
The Universe predicts a grim demise.

To me, the end will come as no surprise.

And I still choose to love.

For All New York's Children

New York is a wicked stepmother who favors the cunning. She loves attention, and has poisoned the guards who once measured her capacity.

This makes her favorites more ruthless, while the rest become fated to break.

Nonetheless, which ever side of her you're on, you will continue to try your best to impress her, every. gruelling. day.

You'll dress your finest, you'll take risks, you'll spend yourself beyond your limits; all for the slightest hope of her arbitrary love.

But deep inside, you already know if you're one of her chosen ones. The key is in your pocket.

The only problem is, you only got one set.

Photo taken on the Refinery Rooftop.

Photo taken on the Refinery Rooftop.

Why Wishing Works

If you were given the opportunity to sit down to reveal your dreams with the company's CEO of your dream job, or GOD, which would you choose? In a world full of 7.2 billion people (+1 person every second of every day), everyone is vying for a chance to be heard, seen or remembered.

We're on the quest for significance. We want our lives to mean something. And why not? Why else would you bother going through the pain and hardships of life if it didn't all add up to something magnificent.

Sadly, many of us continually feel unnoticed. It seems that there's always someone smarter, or younger or more beautiful to take our place; and this becomes the justified reason in our minds - of why our dreams pass us by.

In actuality, this is not the way it works.

No one is on the search for you - to give you your dream, no one may even know what your dream is, and more importantly, even YOU may not know what you want.

  • This brings us to step one of wish making: define you dream.
  • Step two, remember that everyone (or most people) have a dream they are in pursuit of. They are not in pursuit of giving you your dream.
  • Step three, make the wish - tell the Universe / God / All Energy your dream. You are an inseparable part of it, and if it seems like no one else cares about your dream, the Universe is always working in your favor, just tell it what you need!
  • Step four, listen to the Universe inside you for guidance on steps you need to take to realize your dream.


Although there is no limit on the amount of wishes you make, remember that you will have to exert your own energy in exchange for attaining it. This is an undeniable law of physics that "for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction".

Lastly, remember, that having money is not a dream, it is an output or the result of a realized dream. A dream is something you love doing/creating, a dream is something you believe in.


Stay in tune,



My dream is to create something I believe in, I listened to my Universe and created the Three Golden Wishes - a necklace designed to prompt you to make your three wishes for every day that you wear it. It was inspired by Buddhist Prayer Beads - which monks would use as a counting tool for the amount of times they recited a mantra each day.

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We all know that it's bad luck when you spill the salt, break a mirror, walk under a ladder (well,this one's just common sense), open an umbrella inside, etc... But, do we really know why? Personally, I'm not into bad luck, I only like the good kind, so I'm going to change my taught superstitions to "super-duper-stitions", where anything and everything that happens in my life is all for good luck! If I spill the salt, it means good luck; if I fall over, it's for good luck; and when I walk, sit, eat, sleep, work, that's right.... It's aaaaall for good luck!

Have you ever said to your self that bad luck comes in threes and then waited for all three horrid events to "just happen"? What would have happened if you said, 'oh this shitty thing happened to me for good luck, and good luck comes in millions'! What do you think would have "just happened" after that?

We create our world with our thoughts! Our thoughts are like a web, if you tangle some bad luck in there, you might get trapped in it, but if you're only waiting for the good, you'll always be able to see the good (even if the situation may seem truly shitty from the outside). The only hard part now, is to reweave your web, by actively listening to your thoughts and reconditioning them to the good side.

Wishing you all the luck in the Universe!


Stay in tune, Alissa


Welcome to my world...

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Grow to Glow

You know how people say that pregnant women have a glow about them, I think it's because they have extra life running through them as they grow the being within their bellies. Want to get the glow without the baby?

Like attracts like, when you're creating something, when you're growing, you need more life to flow through you in order to achieve your task. And since the sole purpose of the Universe is to grow, it will be more than happy to help you out.

What is 'extra life'?

Think of your body as an energy field with wires plugged into you which are feeding you life, the Universe is your generator. Each wire ignites a unique light within you. The white is your irrevocable connection with life itself and everything in it (make sure this one is always on). The pink is your immune system (when you're unwell, make sure this wire is plugged in, so that the Universe can help boost your energy field with immunity). The purple is intuition, and your ticket to being 'lucky'.

Most of us live our lives unconsciously, blaming others and our own lack of natural 'success' attributes for our failures. Well, I believe that our luck is in our own hands, and all we have to do is plug in.

coming your way

Imagine rays of light coming from the unending, ever-abundant Universe and penetrating your energy field like live wires. You can order whichever kind of wires you like: love, peace, health, connectivity, success, abundance, harmony, purpose, etc. Imagine them feeding you this energy and feel how they fulfill you with it.

When you're plugged in and you're using that energy to create something, not only will you exude this glowing light but you will have all the luck in the Universe propelling you to grow and succeed.


Stay in tune,



Here's what Brooklyn has shown me in the last few weeks...

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Did You Get Left Off the Hogwarts Mailing List Too?

I often hear people say that they're going to find themselves, or they're going to go find out who they are. Admittedly, I was one of these people. I traveled all over the World searching for someone to look deep into my eyes and tell me I was a magical being stuck in a human body - that's the honest truth. Along the way, I met seemingly ordinary people who taught me a lot (you may remember the story about Salomon). But I was always on the lookout for some white haired, long bearded man (maybe in a cape) to tell me that somehow I was left off the Hogwarts mailing list.

Street advice

Silly, I know, but I still feel this way- like I belong in some club where people just get me, where I can just be. Where I can talk openly about all my magical dreams and where it doesn't matter what kind of job I have - as long as I like what I do. I've been waiting for the leader of this club to contact me and he/she still hasn't. Now I finally realized that it's me and this is it!

I realized that in the process of "searching for myself", I created myself. In all the experiences and encounters I've had, I never found out who I'm supposed to be, instead I learned how to shape my existence into who I want to be. I wrote a list of the perfect me and now my reality is moulding around me to help me reach my super-magical self.

The trick is to decide. Once you decide who you want to be, act like it till you become it. Now, I decide how special I want to be.

If you go searching for yourself, you only have to go as far as the closest mirror to see your limitations. If you want to create yourself - you have no bounds.


Stay in tune,

Alissa - writer for this magical club called Universe + Chorus


Welcome to my super-sweet-summer week in NYC...

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Imagine a Cube...

Imagine a cube... Trust me, this is going to be fun! Where is it? How big is it in relation to the space it is in? What color is it?

Imagine a horse, where is it in relation to the cube? How big is it in relation to the cube?

Imagine a ladder, where is it in relation to the cube? How big is it in relation to the cube?

Imagine a storm, where is it in relation to the cube? How big is it?

Imagine flowers, where are they in relation to the cube?


Here's what I imagined:

The cube is in outer-space, the space around it is infinite, making the cube insignificantly tiny, nevertheless I can see it because it's right in front of me in my imagination. The cube is white.

The horse is a little smaller than the cube and is galloping towards it.

The ladder is much smaller than the cube and is levitating above it.

The storm is small and far away from all other objects above.

The flowers are laid out all around the cube.


This is what it means:

The cube is you. The smaller the cube in relation to the space it's in - the smaller your ego. The color is your energy, if it is translucent or clear, you are open.

The horse is your love. You can interpret the rest here.

The ladder is your career or your work, if it's smaller than the cube - your work doesn't define you. If it is attached to the cube - you are attached to your work in  your life.

The storm is how you see problems - if they're not over you, you don't let them affect you, if you're getting wet, maybe create an umbrella? It's your imagination, so it's your rules!

The flowers are your friends.

You know what to do now.


Stay in tune,



Welcome to my wonder-full week in New York:

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Stress is the Mean Old Lady I No Longer Visit

Life can be a little stressful sometimes. In a crowd of people, we could probably pick out the stressed out ones - you know signs: anxious, jittery, shuffling eyes, unfocused mind and an unstable body. These people probably have a lot on their plate, unfortunately they're not helping themselves by putting their body through something that should be handled solely by  the mechanics of the mind. I used to think that in order to show people that I was busy and that I was a good worker - I needed to outwardly portray the stress level I put on my brain. For some reason, I had this idea that if people saw I was frazzled and hurting myself for the good of the work that I would be praised and rewarded. And then I realized that's just retarded!

a little sign from the Universe

No one has ever got more work done with a higher precision of focus by being stressed in any way. Only when I began to approach my work calmly, with ease and a sense of wonder for what I was doing - was I able to finish my work faster, think more creatively and present my work more clearly.

Stress creates a blinding fog, not only are you blurring your own vision but also the people around you - especially the ones who work closely with you.

If the situation you're in genuinely warrants you to be stressed, ask yourself this - how would a pro (what-ever-your-title-is) handle this? Channel that ultimate guy in your position while also allowing yourself to be human and I guarantee you'll do a great job and actually enjoy it. We all have deadlines (all 7.1 billion of us), but that's not a literal term, no one's actually going to die if you're a few minutes off...

So relax, dissolve the mist and spread some sunlight into your workplace today, no one needs bad weather inside on a Monday morning. Say hi to the people around you, smile and take 5 minutes to chat to someone, maybe even 10, it might be the break your mind needed to solve that problem you've been working on.


Stay in tune,



Welcome to my wonderful week,

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My Three Wishes for the Supermoon

Screen shot 2013-06-15 at 7.54.30 PMWe always know what we don’t want, we just don’t take the time to sit and say this-is-what-I-want. Imagine having a conversation with a Genie about your life. The Genie will give you everything you want, the problem is, you’re only saying what you don’t want. So the Genie keeps giving you everything. Isn’t it obvious? Tell the Genie what you want! Tell life, tell the universe! You’re only where you are now because you didn’t specify where you want to be.

One of my very favorite things to do once every year, is to sit down and write my perfect picture list. This list is my perfect life scenario at any given time.

What do I look like (list everything: style, smell, hair, products I use etc). A specific location of where I live, down to the street corner. What my home looks like (with details: bedrooms, outlay, style, feel). Who I live with. What my partner is like, how he treats me, our commonalities, what our love is like (very specific). What kind of friends I have and our relationships. What I do with my time: my job and leisure activities. Etc.

It’s not about writing goals, it’s about describing a snapshot of your ideal surrounding. How fun! From this snapshot, the picture will become clear and you will see what you really want. Then that will show you what you are doing or not doing right now that’s not allowing you to be in that picture and you will automatically begin to make moves towards it.

Here’s a  joke. A man comes across a Genie, thinks hard about what he wants because he only has one wish, so he says ‘I wish I had everything’. The Genie does his thing, but nothing changes, the man asks why nothing changed, the Genie answered ‘I granted you the wish, you had everything’.

Aaaaaaaah, you see now. Be specific, be in the present! This list works, it is an extremely powerful practice so don’t skip the details or they will get filled in for you.

Tonight we are about to experience a very special and rare occurrence - one that happens every 14 months to be approximately exact, the Supermoon!

The moon will be at it's closest to the earth, causing the tides to rise their highest, and since we're made up of 70% water, our inner tides will rise too. Our intuition brews stronger and our will is amplified, making it the perfect time to make wishes!!!

Here are my three most important ones:

  1. I wish to spend more loving time with my loving husband.
  2. I wish to make a positive impact on the lives of the people I work with.
  3. I wish for everyone in the World who would benefit from the information in this blog to find it, read it and follow it.


Thank you Universe. Your loving daughter,



Stay in tune.


Welcome to my super week:

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You Are Where You Eat

Screen shot 2013-06-03 at 7.42.02 PMThis crossed my mind the other day - in the Western World, we have become so obsessed with capitalizing on anything we can that we've even stripped food of it's nutrition and put it into vitamins - just so there would then be two things to buy instead of one. How ingeniously stupid! I didn't fully feel the effects of this until I visited my parent's in Ecuador a few weeks ago. The tomatoes there were a little redder, the papaya was a little sweeter, the water a little more mineral rich and overall, everything was a lot more delicious! I couldn't stop eating! But the more I ate, the stronger I felt, the more vibrant I grew and the more radiant I looked. The first day I came back to work in New York, everyone commented on how healthy I looked, even the CEO said I was glowing!

Mmmmm fresh coconut water

When I returned home I was committed to keeping my radiance; but then I bit into a New York tomato and everything went down the toilet... The tomato was certified organic (from the store down the road), but I would give it a certificate only in 'participation' of being in the fruit family - it tasted nothing like the rich red fruit I had just a week ago!

My New York eating habits quickly returned: banana and nuts for breakfast, leafy salads for lunch and (in a 5 year old's voice here) what-ever-the-hell-I-want for dinner, then a multi-vitamin to add nutrients to my may-as-well-have-been-eating-cardbord meal.

Admittedly, I don't look as radiant. You see, Vilcabamba has purity in its soil, it feeds you vibrance. But for now, I live in New York city, a place that glistens even in the dark, it feeds me a different kind of light, a light I can synthesize for now.

Check out what I ate while I was in Ecuador...

Screen shot 2013-06-17 at 10.02.46 PM

My mum is a once-a-month-super-chef. She puts on a very special 'all raw' four course lunch for the people of Vilcabamaba. When I was there, I helped prepare this amazing meal. We started with a mandarin juice (mandarins picked from our very own oasis) with chia seeds.

The first course was an amazing Thai inspired, creamy kelp and vegetable cold soup (remember, all natural, all raw).

Screen shot 2013-06-17 at 10.02.11 PM

Second was a hearty nut and vegetable wrap with a refreshing side of slaw.

Screen shot 2013-06-17 at 10.03.44 PM

Finally was the most delicious thing I ever put in my mouth... a chirimoya cheesecake! A what? A chirimoya cheesecake!! A what?? Google it!

Screen shot 2013-06-17 at 10.04.48 PM

And to finish it all off properly, she even dried her own blend of tea leaves and made a most aromatic warm tea.

Jealous? Don't be! My also-super-chef sister Tanya, owner of London based company - Better Raw, is coming here to Vilcabamba 19-25 November 2013 to host a retreat-extravaganza and you're invited!! You can try living this vibrant life for yourself! Get details here.

I was so excited to share that! This will definitely be a unique experience! I hope to see you here (that's right, I'll be there too)!!!!!

The Mandala team in Ralph Lauren Denim & Supply

The guests

Me playing waitress

Dad and I - super helpers

Art in progress

the staff in uniform

fun fun fun fun fun!

A sunset rainbow to tie our day up like the gift that it was.

Stay in tune, welcome to Vilcabamba,


Alissa in Wonderland

Screen shot 2013-06-03 at 7.42.02 PMWelcome to a magical land called Vilcabamba... A place where everything blossoms! When I say everything, I mean nature, wildlife, food, people and hearts.

A place where you don't need to rush to do anything, because tomorrow (manana) is another day.

A place where you smell the fruit you're about to buy, not to check the quality but because it's so delicious that you just can't resist.

A place where organic really means organic.

A place where people greet each other when they walk by.

A place where you drink living water right from a spring.

A place I have started to call home.

Screen shot 2013-06-02 at 12.27.15 PM

My beautiful parents moved to this paradise three years ago and twice a year I come to visit - last week being one of those times.

This trip was the shortest ever, only 6 days! But within that time, I got to meditate in the sacred portal, I had my mandala read by the Shaman who taught me how to interpret mandalas for others; I went to the local coffee festival and markets, I got to read, eat the freshest, most delicious raw food (thanks Mum!) and most importantly, I got to spend time with my family.

I came back to New York "glowing" - as quoted by my co-workers :-)

Each time I go, I learn something new from my parents. This time was no exception. I learned that the best way to curb depression is to keep busy. And the best way to keep busy is to create. When you create, you expand your soul, you grow your presence and fulfill your purpose.

My Mum's creation is her ever expanding garden and the vibrant food that comes from it. My Dad's creation is the foundation for Mum's garden, the decorations and the structures within, it's a beautiful site. This is reflected in their intertwined spirits and in their relationship - one couldn't exist without the other, it's a beautiful sight.

What you create becomes a reflection of who you are, make sure it's beautiful.


Stay in tune,



Welcome to my home...

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Chakra Alignment and Connection to the Universe

Screen shot 2013-06-03 at 7.42.20 PMCharkas are the seven main energy centers of your body. We cultivate them subconsciously in different ways, with great variance. For most of us, this causes an imbalance within us - we feel fulfilled in some aspects of our lives and unsatisfied in others. Today I want to show you how to expand and balance all your chakras, so you can realize at which level you have been living and gain insight into how you can continue to grow.


Start by sitting in a comfortable position on the floor - as close to the ground as you can be (preferably on the grass or on a rock outside). 

Your hands are your connection to people, so place them together in a prayer position so that your energy only circulates within you for this practice.

Your feet are your connection to the Earth, for this practice, close them also, so your energy circulates within you and doesn't get grounded. You can either close them in prayer position like your hands, or place the soles of your feet so they are touching a part of your leg.

You are now ready. Your energy begins to circulate within you automatically. Filling you completely with your own vibration - as your outlets have been closed to give and receive energy from the earth and others, you are now beginning to vibrate at your core level. You don't need to do anything right now. Just close your eyes, breathe and imagine this one color that you are filling you completely and dissolving anything that has been existing within you that isn't you.

You are whole right now. Automatically! What color are you?

You can stop the meditation here, or if you want to raise your vibration to a higher level, continue on...


Continue sitting in this position. 

Screen shot 2013-05-19 at 6.56.17 PMImagine your entire being filled with the color red. While you are this color, grow some roots from your tail bone right into the earth, imagine how you are now immovable. Stay this color for as long as you need.

Screen shot 2013-05-19 at 6.56.33 PMNext, fill yourself with the color orange. Imagine a flower blooming in your pelvic area. If you're uncomfortable here, stay until you reach a level of peace and realize the beauty of the flower that has blossomed there.

*Note: Color changes within you can be instantaneous or may take a few minutes - this depends on your core color. If it is red, it may take you a long time to go through every color, if it is white (the last step of this meditation), you will find it incredibly easy to go through the colors as you are already vibrating at a very high level.

Screen shot 2013-05-19 at 6.56.45 PMNow become yellow. Imagine a gleaming sun shining right from your core. Feel the power you have here, the rays shine right out of you and onto everyone around you. See how far they can reach - outside? around the whole city? the entire country? the world? the solar system? You are so bright that you are a star that someone in another galaxy is looking at right now.

Screen shot 2013-05-19 at 6.57.01 PMThen become green. It's the peaceful break that you needed after giving so much light. You're in your heart now and it feels wonderful. You have forgiven everyone for anything disagreeable they have ever done, they're just children; we all are. You're smiling, this feels good.

Screen shot 2013-05-19 at 6.57.17 PMNext, fill yourself with a pale blue. Clarity. Everything you've been through you can communicate. You are confident, strong and compassionate. You are growing. If you feel the need to let your arms float around now, you can do it. Be you, express how you're feeling.

Screen shot 2013-05-19 at 6.57.32 PMNow you're becoming a darker shade of blue, a deep indigo purple. You are in your third eye. You body, mind and soul are now aligned. Your intuition is free to speak to you now. Bring your hands back together, be still and listen. If you've had a burning question in your mind about some aspect of your life, now is the time to ask your intuition. The first answer will feel right, this is your truth.

Screen shot 2013-05-19 at 6.57.47 PMFinally, fill yourself with pure white light. This is the purest form of existence. Imagine an opening at the top of your head and this white light beaming into the universe like a flashlight. Now notice that the more you shine out into the Universe, the more light fills you. This is your connection, you have let the Universe in. You are an inseparable part of it now. 

While you are in your body, your red roots live in the ground, when the Earth's vibrations rise, your vibrations will rise with it. Your soul is a piece of the Universe, if you stay connected and don't separate yourself, your consciousness will grow with it and you will be capable of anything.


Which color was most comforatable for you to fill yourself with? I bet this is the core color you started this meditation with right? Going up may have been a little challenging, but I'm hoping the feeling you have now was worth it.


You're in tune,



P.S. If you'd like a private meditation class, check out my UC Events page here.


Welcome to my wonderful week:

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Positive Thinking is Delicious

Screen shot 2013-05-12 at 8.23.01 PMLately I've been noticing just how little I know about my own body. I know that I have all these organs, but when something in there hurts - I usually have no idea what it is. I take care of my general wellbeing by eating organic foods, taking vitamins and exercising, so when something isn't right within me, I trust that I'm healthy enough for my body to work itself out. In thinking about this, I realized that our body is a metaphor for the life we live and the experiences we have. The world we live in has webs of interconnectedness that (just like our insides) we cannot see,  yet somehow everyone and everything is connected, and ironically we can feel it in our gut.

me and my girlfriends celebrating my birthday

Think of this web as your arteries, you don't want to block your arteries with unhealthy foods because it could cause a heart attack, and you don't want to block the web with bad thoughts because, well this could also cause a heart attack. What you put into your body will determine how you will feel in a few minutes and will determine how you look in a few months. What you put into the web (your relationships with yourself and others) will determine the depth and richness of them over time, and will also determine how you look and feel.

Food is for the vitality of your body. Thoughts are food for the vitality of your life. Make sure they're both healthy and you won't have to worry if something in your life goes wrong. If your mind is healthy, what ever situation you're in, you can trust that it will work itself out.


Stay in tune,



Welcome to my super sweet week:

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Rituals and Fries

JKJJAcross the World, throughout various cultures, societies and groups, you will find that pretty much all of them practice some kind of ritual. I would define a ritual as a prophetic event. You and who ever you do the ritual with always know the outcome, i.e, you do the rain dance - the rain will come, you go outside for a cigarette - you calm down, you eat - you're full, you meditate - you connect.

Some rituals are better than others, but I'm not judging. Instead, I want to propose for you to create a new ritual for yourself. One that helps you maintain a feeling of fulfillment.

My ritual is to write a post every Sunday about some philosophical wonder I've been thinking about all week, here on UC. It helps me maintain a sense of curiosity when I go about my week because I constantly search for inspirational triggers. But the most important thing is making sure that I actually share it - as energetic beings, we have a deep desire to connect and share the beauty we experience. This is what allows us to reach that feeling of fulfillment that we all seek.

What ever ritual you decide to create, even if it is one of the above, do it with someone. A simple 'Tuesday night dinner with a friend' ritual will induce that feeling of fulfillment as you grow your relationship while sharing your (beautiful) lives and maybe some fries.

In general, what ever you find beautiful, share it with at least one person and watch how you grow. :-)


Stay in tune,



Welcome to my wonderful week:

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The Fulfillment Yin Yang

  JKJJThe yin of fulfillment is the realization that what you have right now is enough.

The yang is awakening to the fact that what you have right now will never be enough; and then finding the strength within yourself to change your own destiny.

It's all a matter of perception.

No matter what you choose, it will be a good decision.


Stay in tune,



Welcome to my week:

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Life's a Cup of Tea

JKJJWhat’s your favorite drink? Is it a particular smoothie, juice combo, cocktail, tea or coffee? Think about the components of this drink. It’s successful according to your palette because of a perfect balance between all its constituents. Not only is it a perfect blend of what it contains but equally due to its success is what it does not contain.

Now think of this drink as a metaphor to your “cup of life” – which is hopefully half full (side note – if you feel like it’s full, get a bigger glass so you still have room to grow).

Screen shot 2013-04-14 at 10.35.59 AMMy cup is half full with a warm, honeyed jasmine green tea. It has to have the right amount of honey for my liking – too sweet and it’s undrinkable, not sweet enough and it’s unenjoyable. Same goes for temperature and tea bag saturation...

Another important thing to note is that if I started adding random ingredients like juice, cookies, wine or salad to my cup of tea (while I do enjoy these things on their own) –  it would lose its balance and no longer be enjoyable.

Moral of the story: you may enjoy and be passionate about a lot of things, and they may define you at different times of your life – as you are allowed to change your flavor preferences. But to be great, and I mean super successful at anything, you should really only drink one delicately balanced beverage at a time.

My green tea is my job at Ralph Lauren, the Jasmine tea blend is my Universe + Chorus work, the Honey is my sweet Husband and the water that holds all these components together is me.

This doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t make time for my family, friends and hobbies. All it means is that I know what’s in my cup – I know what is most important to me and everything else is a delicious accompaniment.


Stay in tune,



Welcome to my tasty week:

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P.S. I just added a new friendship bracelet to the UC Love store, it's called Ocean Calm. Check it out here.

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I’m a Superstar Every Second Saturday

JKJJThe truth is, I am a rockstar. Every second Saturday at about 4pm when I’m home alone, I get really dressed up, turn on my mic and amp, and sing along to instrumental versions of my favorite songs on youtube. And for about an hour and a half, I give myself to an audience of a million phantoms in my mind. I can even sing the same song three or four times in a row and they love it! :-) In reality as I know it, I don’t think I’ll ever get to the level of superstardom that I am in my mind, nor do I think I want to. But in my imagination, I’m on par with Rihanna and I can turn it on and off whenever I like. Sometimes I even pretend that I’m famous when I walk down the street, and surprisingly when I exude this persona, people look at me like I am (or maybe I imagine that too). Either way, I’m living the life I want, whenever I want!

Screen shot 2013-04-08 at 7.35.29 PMWhen we’re young, we have an ultimate image of our grown up selves. We think that we’re going to grow into the rockstars and the millionaires we want to be. The problem is that there may not be room for all of us on that stage at Madison Square Garden. With that realization a lot of us give up and settle for something more “achievable” by definition of our minds.

Not me! I am everything I’ve ever wanted to be. Just because I haven’t been invited to sing at Madison Square Garden, doesn’t mean I can’t in my mind. Your brain doesn’t know what’s real or imagined. So fulfill your potential even if it’s just in your imagination – this is the one place no one can tell you that ‘you can’t’. You can do anything in this space, do it well, give it your all, and if you love to do it enough, begin to share it with real people.

It’s not the result of fulfilling your dreams that is important, it’s the act itself.

You don’t need a stage to sing on, you just need your imagination.


Stay in tune,



Welcome to my wonderful week:

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The Seven Laws I Live By

Screen shot 2013-03-10 at 8.27.33 PMIn society there are laws laid out for us to follow. Most of them are common sense based and promote good morals and virtues. I would call these 'stage front' laws, meaning whatever you do on the physical plane is seen and has repercussions; they're measurable, making it easy for society to reward or punish you. And then there are spiritual laws, the 'back stage' laws; the ones that govern eeeeverything that happens on the main stage: the lights, the props, the set you're on, even the cues on which certain people enter your life.

Karma is the only Universal law that applies to all living things, it answers for the balance in energy exchanged. Everything else is up to you!

You can literally create your own laws for your life - like shortcuts to happiness.

A lot of us have created these laws subconsciously for ourselves and most of the time it's in a negative sense. You might find this familiar: "I always date idiots", "something always goes wrong when I'm happy", "I never have time to do what I want to do", "I'm a (fill in the blank) magnet"... You get the idea.

Screen shot 2013-03-31 at 12.07.17 PM

Now flip it. "I'm always surrounded by the most perfect people in aiding my growth", "I'm always happy", "I have all the time in the World for myself and my mission", "I am a magnet for awesomeness"!

And all you have to do to enforce these laws is believe. The two strongest backstage forces are love and faith - they are the light that lights your life.


The seven laws that I live by are:

  • I choose to only see the good in things.
  • I'm always calm and balanced, because I know that if I get overwhelmed by joy, it's only a matter of time before I cry. So I stay in between in serenity.
  • I have beautiful, blossoming relationships with the people in my life.
  • Triple numbers and signs serve as checkpoints in my life - a way for the Universe to communicate with me.
  • No matter what I'm doing, I am where I'm supposed to be, helping who I need to help with my light. (This law dissolves all stress and anxiety).
  • I'm always taken care of by the Universe in my safety, comfort and monetary abundance.
  • My life is full of peace, joy and love. I am a growing force that people want to be around.

Positivity isn't just a state of mind, it's a state of life.

Stay happy.


Stay in tune,



Welcome to my week:

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Problems are Phantoms

Screen shot 2013-03-10 at 8.27.33 PMWhenever I hear a friend tell a story about "some guy" they know who sits and meditates for 3 hours a day, I cringe! Who has this sort of time? And what's this guy doing in his other 21 hours? Meditation isn't some-thing that you have to take time out for. Meditation is deciding to tell your brain to shut up for a minute and stop judging everything, and just allowing yourself to feel and to just be.

I've been actively listening to my brain for the past couple of weeks and I think it might be a parrot! Seriously, it keeps repeating the same thing over and over and over and over until I write it down or something more important replaces that thought. If it's not on auto replay, it's judging everything: that's good, that's bad, I like that, I don't like that...

So I stop listening to it. It goes quiet and I begin to notice beauty. That's meditation! When your mind isn't present to recognize beauty, when something is amazing for no reason, that's the pinnacle of mediation. Everything just is and everything is beautiful.

I meditate as I walk to and from work everyday, I meditate when I'm eating, when I'm cleaning, exercising, what ever I'm doing that doesn't require thinking, I'm meditating.

Why should we tell our minds to be quiet and meditate?

don't let your mind do this to your face :-)

If you listen to your mind for long enough, you will notice that it's constantly solving problems. But if it doesn't have any problems to solve, it creates them and then tries to solves them; it takes you on a journey of 'what ifs'. What if I lost my job, what if my husband lied to me, what if my friends don't like me, etc, etc... You build up an emotional reaction to these crazy fantasies and all of the sudden your body thinks you're actually living them. Your mind sees this as a big problem then starts coming up with solutions.

This could all happen in your head before you've even had breakfast on your Sunday morning. You would have lived through losing your job and all your friends and then aged the same amount as if you had actually lived through it all for real by feeling all of that emotional stress.

Think of how much more peaceful your morning could have been if you didn't have to go through all that..

Because you were solving phantom problems in you mind, you may have missed the beauty of the way the sun enters your apartment creating art on your walls by the way it peeks through your blinds. You would have also missed how your body loves the feeling of your warm sheets against its skin in the cold winter mornings. And the amazing smell of your mother's home made tea.

Enjoy the moments you are in, that's meditation. Allow yourself to be fully present in the space you're in without judgement.

Meditate more, become happier, attract amazingness. (That's the real sequence of life).


Stay in tune,



Here's the beauty I saw as I was meditating this week:

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