Meditation Basics, Listening to Yourself

I don't use medication, I practice meditation. - Alissa Alekseeva (one of my own, yuss) The book I'm reading this month, The Power of Now provides the basis to meditation, although Tolle doesn't explicitly say 'this practice is meditation', fundamentally that's precisely what it is.

Meditation is the practice of quietening your mind and listening to your other forms of self; your body, your spirit, your soul, and your ethereal bodies which make up your aura.

You really don't need to sit in the classic Buddha position, unless you understand finger circuits (which I will explain in one of the upcoming weeks), you can meditate while sitting, lying down, standing or even in motion!

Meditation is learning to understand the language of every part of you. The first step in mastering meditation is simply listening to your mind.

Get into a comfy position, you can do the Buddha pose if you like, but keep your palms down on your knees, you're going inward.

Now, listen to your mind. Listen as if you are not your mind, you are a friend of your mind, having a friendly catch up. You will notice that when you conceive it this way, the mind runs out of conversation pretty quickly, now its 'your' turn to talk.

The other parts of you don't speak English. You will begin to really feel what your body feels, and understand any pain you have, where exactly it is, how it came about, what it means and how to heal it. Your body can tell you ALL of this, just listen.

Next, explore your soul. Allow it to show you the feeling it craves, this is the feeling you should strive to grow in your life, this feeling is your purpose.

This practice is the fundamental basis of meditation; to be present, to realize you are more than your mind, to cultivate your capacity of understanding and communication with each part of your existence.