Buddhas in New York

Yesterday I talked about my experience with Buddhism and how I feel that it's an inappropriate lifestyle when living in New York. So I got on my bike and went on a search for Buddhist Monks. I wanted to find out how they feel about the marriage of Buddhism and New York in their lives and whether either of those is a choice or a necessity. Most of the temples I found didn't really look like temples in the traditional sense, they were more like 'fit what ever you can in the space available' type dwellings. What I really wanted to find was a Monk willing to share his or her experience; what I found was very small temples with very Chinese Monks who knew very little English. Fail.

So today, I will just share pictures I took of the Temples you will find in (China Town) New York. I'm sure there are other monasteries out there in Manhattan, so I will continue my search and within the next few weeks I'll bring to you a depiction of the life of a New Yorker Monk.