Hey, I'd Like to Talk

I wrote this piece when I was 19 years old. There are times when I feel really alone and I guess I wrote this as a little reminder to myself that I am more than me. I hope it does the same for you.

When life’s not what you thought,
Go deaf to the noise, I’m your inner voice.
When you feel there’s nothing left,
Just close your eyes, the answers lie inside.
You don’t need a voice for me to hear you speak,
Open your heart, you’ll see we’re never apart.
You don’t need a thing, for me to love you whole,
Because I know you, I am your soul.
Come cry to me, I’ll hold your hand
I always understand.
I’ll carry you, long as you need,
I will be your feet.
Even though you don’t seem to believe,
And even though you can’t see me,
I’m part of you like I’ve always been,
Forever with you,
I’m the strength that makes your heart beat.