Urgent Message to all Yoga Instructors, Teachers and Goers!

I did want to feature the Practice of the Power of Now Meditation today, but decided that I have to share something more fundamental first! Yoga is huge!  Everybody and their grandma has been exposed to it in some way. And I think that you, the reader of this blog have undoubtedly tried it at least once, right?

Well, you know the part at the end, right after the Shavasana and before you get to the 'OM's, some instructors take this time to guide you through a meditation and tell you to release all of your negative energy from every cell of your body into the Earth! CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT!?

The first class I was at where the teacher did this, I almost flipped out! I felt this great release of suppressed negativity just squeeze its way into the Earth from every one of the 30 people in the class! I wanted to jump up and stomp my feet to make it stop! I was scrambling to transform all of this energy into light as fast as I could before it polluted our already battered Earth.

I came up to the teacher after the class and said,'Hey, you know, we all have the power to transform the negativity within us. When releasing it we can actually transform it into light or positive energy, it's just a matter of intention. All we have to do is imagine the negativity within us as a dark grey cloud then allow it to escape from our existence and as it moves upward from our body, imagine/watch it change into a beautiful white light and let it go (like a balloon).' 

Her reply was, 'It's just the way I was taught, I guess I never thought of it that way'.

I said, 'I think its more empowering to transform it yourself than dumping it on the Earth, it already has too much to deal with, what do you think?'

Luckily she was a very conscious instructor. She accepted what I had said with grace and next time I went to her class she implemented the method effectively, phew!

My worry now is how many other teachers/instructors are doing this all over the world! Please! we need to be transforming our negativity into light and releasing it upward. Then with the negativity gone, we have the capacity to extend the light within us and send it to the Earth.

Please, Please, Please pass this message on to any Yoga teachers, instructors and goers that you know, it's so important!

The method of transforming negative energy as I described above can be used throughout the day also, not just at Yoga or during meditation. If you have a spare 10 seconds, you can do it anytime and it's a great headache cure! Headaches a mostly caused by pressure and what we forget is that we have the ability to release this pressure, release and transform it!

Anyway, below are some pictures of my day on Wednesday 20th June, meditation going on in all parts of New York City, in many forms! It was a very special Solstice.