Apply the Mayan Calendar to Your Life in This Year of Total Fruition!

Big news! If you google 'the beginning date of the Mayan calendar', the answer you are most likely to see repeatedly is 3144 BC. Absolutely not! 3144 BC is the approximate year that the Mayan civilization came to be. The beginning of the Mayan calendar however is a completely different question, the answer is 17.3 Billion years BC, the date which the Mayans calculated as the beginning of life, or the beginning of the Cellular Era (this date differs across sources, but this is the number I came to by working backwards and calculating from the end date). So the Mayan calendar encompasses all of time, until of course that ever so famous date of 12.21.2012.

There are so many components and subcomponents of the Mayan calendar that it would take a lot of dedication to really grasp the importance of each. But to understand what it all means, you really don't need to know all the mechanics of it, I want to share with you the big picture to show you its direction.

What you should know is that according to the Mayas, our collective consciousness or all of time as we know it is divided into a total of 9 eras. Each era being 20 times shorter than the previous one. Just to illustrate, we are in the ninth and final era as depicted by the Mayans, this era lasts 260 days, meaning the eighth era lasted almost 14 and a half years, the seventh, about 270 years, the sixth, 5414, and so on. Each new era is also within all of the previous ones, with all of them ending on 21 December this year. So the eighth era began on the 256th year of the seventh, following? Cool.

These 9 eras are can be classified as the following (with real world examples to illustrate evolution of consciousness aligned with the calendar):

1. 17.3 Billion BC: Cellular Era, the conception of Earth and gathering of dust and particles into formations.
2. 866.1 Million BC: Mammalian Era, the conception of reproductive organisms.
3. 43.3 Million BC: Familian Era, the beginning of homo sapiens.
4. 2.2 Million BC: Tribal Era, the beginning of groups and rituals.
5. 106,061 BC: Cultural Era, introduction of trading and agriculture.
6. 3401 BC: National Era, emergence of mass control (religion, countries etc)
7. 1743: Power Era, industrial and technological revolutions
8. 1999: Global Era, reliance on virtual waves.
9. April 7 2012: Cosmic Era, communication with the source.
The End? No. The End of Cyclical Time? Yes.

Next, each of these 9 eras are divided by 13 equal time periods: 7 days and 6 nights. It's easy to understand it from the perspective of planting a seed. You would plant it on day 1, it has to make it though the night, on day 2 it begins to sprout, and again, as with every night, it fights to survive with no sunshine feeding its growth. Day 3, it starts growing leaves, day 4 it grows strong roots and trunk, day 5 it begins to flower, day 6 it pollinates and day 7 is the day of fruition.

There is a great book that describes this beautifully called The Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness by Johan Calleman. I recommend it if you'd really like to know deeply the application of each time period in the history of the World. For example, Calleman diagrams the moments of time when certain religions were born, particularly if it was born in the energies of the day or night, and the implications of this. Interesting!

Now, where are we at today?

The 9th and final Era lasts only 260 days (a full Mayan year), its end date is December 21 2012. So if you count backward, you will find that this Era began on April 5th. 260 divided by 13 time periods is 20 per each day and each night cycle. Below is a little time ledger I created to remind me when each Day and each Night begins:

Day 1: April 5
Night 1: April 25
Day 2: May 15
Night 2: June 4
Day 3: June 24
Night 3: July 14
Day 4: August 3
Night 4: August 23
Day 5: September 12
Night 5: October 2
Day 6: October 22
Night 6: November 11
Day 7: December 1

The application of this timeline in your life may not be apparent right now, but near the end of the year you would have seen a very clear  progression in some aspect of your life. This aspect is most likely to do with the cosmic realm, as it is the Era we are in.

This is the year of total fruition across all Eras. My hypothesis is that collective consciousness will advance beyond the physical, beyond the cyclical and realize fully that we are all one source, Universe. Once we can tap into the source accurately (and hopefully by the end of December) we will be free. Free from the bounds of the mind, physical containment and society as we know it. When in tune to our inner Cosmos, we are free.