If You Meet a Man Named Salomon in Tikal, I Wouldn't Do the Ceremony

When I was 21 I had just read Drunvalo Melchizedek's book Serpent of Light. He had talked about Earth's eight charkas located across the ancient Mayan sites in Mexico and Guatamala, and the meditation work he had completed at each of them. I was so inspired by his experiences that I had to go myself, and in 2009 I did! Drunvalo talked about the people he came across and how they recognized his spirit and lead the way for him to complete his work. This is what I wanted! I had this idea that people in South America were soul see-ers and that as soon as I would get there, they would show me the way. Well, it turned out to be not entirely untrue...

I had gone through Palenque, Chichen Itza, Tulum, Uxmal (pictures below) and nothing. I hadn't really met anyone or felt anything, I was really upset with myself, I thought I was just out of touch. The temple sites themselves were beautiful, but I couldn't tap in to any ancient wave or spirit of the land, I felt so disconnected I may as well have been at a local park.

Until, the day before my trip to Tikal. I was wandering around Antigua, Guatamala alone, all of the sudden it started raining really hard, so I hopped into the nearest cafe. Right there at one of the tables was a tour guide I had met a few towns back, he was sitting with a friend and invited me to come sit with them. So I did.

Almost right away, the other guy said that he could see my glowing aura, I thought 'fiiiiiiiiiiinally, I found one!!' I was so excited! I told him I was going to Tikal the next day, he paused for a moment and looked at me as if he was checking out to see if I was worthy of a secret he had. Apparently I was because the next thing he did was give me instructions on what to do in Tikal if I wanted to enter a portal into another World.

I was listening with every particle of my existence. I was to find a grounds keeper named Salomon in Tikal who would lead me to a portal located on the mountain to the left of temple five. 'This is it!' I thought, 'This is why I'm here! I had a native recognize my soul and point me in the direction I was seeking'! Success!

Tikal is the biggest Mayan site in the World, located in the Guatamalan rainforest, it covers around 575.83 square kilometres (222.33 sq mi). To be admitted, you must take a 4 hour tour of the grounds with a tour guide, after which you get about an hour of free time. I was on a mission! As soon as we arrived I started asking everyone if they knew someone named Salomon. I soon found that there were hundreds of grounds keepers, I didn't even know what he looked like, but I just knew I'd find him.

We were coming up towards the last cluster of temples of the tour and standing on a little hill right above, there stood a little man looking at us. I looked up and said 'That's him'. I still have no idea how I knew, but I ran up on that little hill and said 'Salomon?' he said 'Si'. I started talking a hundred miles an hour about the portal in English, he answered in Spanish, we both looked blankly at each other and walked down to my tour guide for some help in translation.

Here's what happened next. I said: 'Mountain across from temple five!' He said (via tour guide): 'Your sexual chakra is blocked'. Ummmmmm, that's not where I wanted the conversation to go...

So there we are, me, Salomon, the confused tour guide, the other even more confused tourists in my group and my apparently blocked sexual chakra. Why it didn't occur to me that I could solve this with Reiki, I don't know. But the next thing he said was that he could perform a ceremony on me within the temple and open the chakra. My thoughts skipped all the skepticism and went right to mysticism, a Mayan Shaman, who I magnetically found, performing a ceremony in Tikal, on me! I thought nothing but 'Wow'.

I believe in energy exchange, if someone does something for you, you should do or give something in return. The most accepted currency is money. So I asked and he said $50 should cover it.

Now we're in the temple, just Salomon and I, he lights a candle, an incense stick and guides me through a meditation in Spanish, I understood very little at the time and just thought I'd go with it. I'm sitting on the ground and he (from what I saw when peeking) was walking around me with the incense stick murmuring Spanish I didn't understand. I should mention now that Salomon looked to be about 65 years old, he was a head shorter than me in height, very small and sweaty with a little mustache above his lip.

Then, he motioned for me to stand up, next thing I know every millimeter of his body was pressed against mine and from what I could understand, we were supposed to take deep, full body breaths in unison. This was all so new to me, I had no time to think or feel, just go with it. Finally, he stepped out of his meditation mode and began to, what it looked like is congratulating me on my newly opened sexual chakra.

I'm awkward with money and never know the right moment to do the exchange, so I just pulled the fifty out of my pocket and handed it to him feeling like a dumb, fat baby bird who hasn't learned to fly yet. He took it plainly, then took the feather from behind his ear and put it in my hair, took a crystal from his pocket and put it in my hand, then took my face in his hands. He looked my right in the eyes (I still remember his little black brown eyes surrounded by yellow) then kissed both my cheeks, my forehead then my mouth... (I remember thinking at this moment, 'well Drunvalo never said anything about this Mayan tradition') then... put his tongue in my mouth, and like a 13 year old boy, was all of the sudden making out with me. I was stunned, I was motionless, I was in full body shock! It lasted a lifetime of about 5 seconds, but I thought if my sexual chakra was blocked then, it sure is blocked now!

I tried making it look like I was ok as I was still trying to process all of what had just happened, the candle, the incense, the body breathing, the money, the feather, the crystal, the mustache, the tongue, tradition? Please let that be a thing. I said goodbye, walked away, right off the temple site, never looking back.

That night I threw the crystal and feather into the Ocean, asking it to take away all the energies of the day, the exchange was not equal. To say I was upset, disappointed, or hurt was an understatement.

When ever something grand scale happens to me in my life, this being one of them, I try to give it a meaning or find its lesson as soon as I can, even if it's not the right one, it helps the healing and growing process, it gives me a positive focus. The lesson I gave myself then is to always be skeptical before mystical, especially with men.

The real lesson I later realized that this was for me, is that no one can or will recognize something special in me until I find it in them, it works like a reflection. Instead of looking for someone to recognize true beauty in me, I should seek to recognize the true beauty in every one in front of me. I didn't see it in Salomon's little beady eyes that day, maybe that was my fault in not seeking deeper or maybe that was my sign not to stay.