How to Speak the Living Language of Signs

Signs are an amazing communication tool between you and your world. You can literally prescribe any meaning you like to any type of sign, and when you need, these signs will be a guide (as long as the meaning you give them is consistent). For example, Drunvalo Melchizedek gave meaning to triple numbers; whenever he sees a triple number, be it on  a car number plate, a phone number, an address, to him this a clear sign of the following:

111 - Energy Flow: Any energy flow such as electricity, money, water, sexual energy, etc.

222 - New Cycle: The beginning of a new cycle, the nature of which depends on the next triple number you see.

333 - Decision: You have a decision to make. The decision will lead to either 666, which means you must repeat the lesson again in some other way, or it will lead to 999, which is completion and you have learned the lesson.

444 - The Mystery School: What is occurring in life is a lesson around learning about the Reality. This school is learning, such as reading books or studying a subject, but not actual doing.

555 - Unity Consciousness: This is the number when someone has attained Unity Consciousness. They have mastered all levels of the Mystery School. It is the highest number. It is the number of Christ.

666 - Earth Consciousness: This is the number of the Beast in the Bible, so it can represent pure evil, but it is also the number of mankind and life. Carbon is the basis of life, and carbon has six protons, six neutrons, and six electrons. Generally, when you see this number, it means to watch out for physical events that are presenting themselves at that moment, and you must be careful.

777 - The Mystery School: This is the part of the school where you are not just reading books about life, but are also practicing it.

888 - Completion of a particular lesson within the Mystery School.

999 - Completion of a particular cycle of events.

I think this is an excellent tool for allowing your surroundings to let you know what's going on, as we ourselves are not always in tune to feel the signs within us.

I implemented these triple numbers into my communication with the world and it has been a tremendous help, especially with the use of the triple 6; whenever I see it, in my mind I flip it upside down and transform it into triple 9s to curb any upcoming danger. I can do that? Of course! I make the rules in communication with my world, you should try it with yours!

Looking for signs makes life a really fun game. It's almost like you're blindfolded and the only way to see beyond the physical aspect of the game or the game plan, is to look for the sign posts to lead you to your desired manifestation.

And signs are e-v-e-r-y-where! Especially in a city like New York, there's advertising, art, tagging, signposts, street names (and numbers), everything can act as a sign. I'm not saying to look deeply into absolutely everything you see, but sometimes, notice where your eye wants to go; more than likely it will be the sign or message you needed right at that moment.

Here are some signs I received recently: