How Egypt Gave Me the Seven Keys of Life

A few years ago my parents invited me to go an a trip with them to Egypt from Toronto via Moscow. Of course I'll go! What I didn't know at the time was that we would be banding together with 15 older Russian women to spend 10 days in what I consider to be the most intriguing place in the World. The woman organizing this trip, Leuba was an expert in Egyptian history, signs and numerology. We were so excited to be led into this nation by someone who knew how to read beyond the Hieroglyphs and reveal hidden messages!

If you hadn't noticed, Russians have a very blunt nature in their interactions with people. They're typically quite loud and sometimes obnoxious. Well, what's interesting, as I found out on this trip, and maybe this behavior was exclusive to this group (benefit of the doubt) was that older Russian women, when not in Russia, still speak Russian to everyone, only LOUDER, thinking that's what's going wrong in the communication (that everyone's hearing must be on low volume).

Can you imagine? Me, my parents and fifteeeeeeen squawking Russians on FULL blast, in Egypt, for 10 "blissful" days. We were heard before we were seen! Highly ironic as the purpose of the trip was to complete specific meditations throughout Egypt, on the Nile and amongst the ancient ruins.

None the less, Leuba delivered! She was depicting signs at every turn, teaching us how to use everything we are shown to uncover messages. If nothing else, it was fun! It almost felt like a mission, a treasure hunt. Instead of being regular tourists, we had clues to find and match, it was a mystical game. She gave even the most unlikely things their place and meaning. Like for example there was an old broken vase lying on top of a rock, the neck of it was fully intact, so it was round and when we were walking past it, the Sun was shining right through it. Leuba described this as a sign that our throat chakras needed to be opened to move on to the next clue. See, fun!

Then, the most unexpected thing happened. I had a vision. Right there in the Luxor temple, I let the group move on without me when I noticed three pillars with statues of Ramesses and a fourth empty pillar, I was guided to stand on it. I looked at the three Ramesses and saw that we were all standing in a perfect square, looking at each other, I copied their stance. I was prompted to close my eyes. In the vision Ramesses appeared to be handing me seven keys, the seven keys of life. I took them and the vision was over.

What's amazing is that right after this, I caught up to the group as Leuba was just teaching about the special keys engraved on a stone wall where we were. She said that this was the only site she knew of with this particular design. She told us to stand at this wall and imagine receiving these Egyptian keys of life, there were seven of them! And on the next wall, there were seven engraved door frames. Wow, I received them alright!

What I learnt: Yes, do trust in signs, but always make sure you are tuned in enough to know when something else within is calling you. When in balance between the outer and inner World of your existence, the puzzle is complete and the game begins to make a lot more sense.