Create Some Space

I wrote this today. I was just thinking about the past year and my search of the purpose of my life. I understand that in spiritual terms, 'being' is the purpose, but come on, I have to DO something! We do still live in society and we ARE within its game, so what do we do with ourselves, even if we're not striving to win but just to complete it honorably, what do we do?

I've been looking for a sign.
Been diving into stranger's eyes,
Unknowing eyes with shallow depth,
Fishing for a clue.
I've been asking around.
Been walking with a question mark,
Finding fragments of a sentence,
A tree that just won't fruit.
I'm searching meaning through the silence,
A pause that some don't take.
The nothing which gives birth to all,
Somewhere I'll always be ok.
Remember, we're here forever.