The Genie Didn't Know


We always know what we don't want, we just don't take the time to sit and say this-is-what-I-want. Imagine having a conversation with a Genie about your life. The Genie will give you everything you want, the problem is, you're only saying what you don't want. So the Genie keeps giving you everything. Isn't it obvious? Tell the Genie what you want! Tell life, tell the universe! You're only where you are now because you didn't specify where you wanted to be.

One of my very favorite things to do once every year, is to sit down and write my perfect picture list. This list is my perfect life scenario at any given time.

What do I look like (list everything: style, smell, hair, products I use etc). A specific location of where I live, down to the street corner. What my home looks like (with details: bedrooms, outlay, style, feel). Who I live with. What my partner is like, how he treats me, our commonalities, what our love is like (very specific). What kind of friends I have and our relationships. What I do with my time: my job and leisure activities. Etc.

It's not about writing goals, it's about describing a snapshot of your ideal surrounding. How fun! From this snapshot, the picture will become clear and you will see what you really want. Then that will show you what you are doing or not doing right now that's not allowing you to be in that picture and you will automatically begin to make moves towards it.

Here's a  joke. A man comes across a Genie, thinks hard about what he wants because he only has one wish, so he says 'I wish I had everything'. The Genie does his thing, but nothing changes, the man asks why nothing changed, the Genie answered 'I granted you the wish, you had everything'.

Aaaaaaaah, you see now. Be specific! This list works, it is an extremely powerful practice so don't skip the details or they will get filled in for you.

About 18 months ago, I was sitting in my tiny little room in Brooklyn writing my perfect picture. In this picture, I am living is a 2 bedroom apartment with my partner in North Brooklyn (a partner I didn't have at the time), the apartment has floor to ceiling windows in a new building, with a balcony and a new kitchen with a bar. I wrote that I would meet my partner in Brooklyn and we would know that day that we belonged together. We would have the same morals and values and have an open consciousness to work with energy. We would love each other unconditionally, the real love, the one that recognizes itself in the other. In this picture, I'm a writer and I have an abundance of money, it is always coming to me with ease.

Well, I met Rick, my husband three weeks after writing this picture. The day we met, we spent its entirety together, and every day since. The love I described in the picture, I've never had before and wasn't even sure it was possible in this world, but I wrote it because it's the only thing that seems real to me. I had nothing to lose by writing it and gained everything from writing it. It exists. We live in North Brooklyn, in an apartment with floor to ceiling windows in a new building, with a balcony and a new kitchen with a bar, it's a one bedroom because we really don't need two :-)

And since creating Universe + Chorus, I guess I can now call myself a writer too.