Time to Update Religion

Don't you find it a bit odd that the majority of human kind still follows values, beliefs and practices that were created between two and five thousand years ago? Mass religions are that old! Shouldn't there be some renewal clause in the Bible or Qur'an for example? Something like: "world knowledge and consciousness will rise throughout each millennia, please stay in tune to these frequency changes and update what you believe". I've also noticed that there aren't any more temples built these days. We know from the Egyptian pyramids were built almost 5 thousand years ago, the oldest Buddhist temples are from around 1500 years ago, the Mayan right after that and the Inca 600 years.  They all left us messages from their times. All of them with years of work put in to represent their world. What kind of message do you think we'd leave as a race for people of the future to ponder over?

Well, I guess the founders of Damanhur asked exactly that, which lead the construction of a remote village in Italy in 1975, an eco-society based on ethical and spiritual values. Damanhur is famous for its Temples of Human Kind. A series of underground structures with elevators, secret doorways and of course, a full depiction of human kind, from conception to the now and beyond. The artistry within these seven temples is extraordinary, it was already been 37 years, and they are still building and detailing this enormous work of art. Each temple has its purpose in the realm of human consciousness, each temple is a tool to enlightenment.

More than that, Damanhur is a community. It is a body of people who have come together to create a fair society where work has its worth, awarded by an agency of the United Nations as a model for a sustainable future. Damanhur has a Constitution, a complementary currency system, a daily newspaper, a magazine, art studios, a center for research and practice of medicine and science, an open university, and schools for children through middle school.

There are sub-communities within Damanhur which specialize in their practice; agriculture, horticulture, medicine, science, astrology, energy work (selfica), building, art, technology and sustainable energy progression etc. All of these people also take part in relevant community rituals like the full moon oracle, meditations, spiral walking and community meetings for development.

To me, Damanhur is a place that has stepped up for human kind. It is a great example of where we can be if we reinstated the worth of money with its initial exchange value and dropped the notion of government. It is a place where doing good affects everyone, as it should.