The Second Part of My Eleven Days in Damanhur

One of the things that amazed me most is the technology Damanhur has created. On day five we were led into a forest where one of the communities lives in tree houses. The aim is to stay above ground for weeks at a time to test developments in consciousness when up in the sky surrounded by the forest. One of the creations made by the tree hut community is a machine that measures the vibration frequency a plant is giving off at any time and transforms it instantly into sound.. Amazing!! It's a simple looking small device with speakers attached, it has two electric wires that have clamps on the ends: this is how you attach the machine to the leaf of a plant, and it makes beautiful music. I was so blown away! What's more, is that the plant senses your vibration and reacts in its frequency. We could actually hear the relationship the plant had with every person in the group as we stepped up and communicated with it one by one.

The woman guiding us said that they hooked up a few machines at the same time to different plants in the forest and they all make cohesive music, in tune, like an orchestra! This is such a huge leap for our understanding of the plant world, or the whole world for that matter. We must all be in tune to have peace.

Now the spirals. In Damanhur, almost every sub community has one or more meditation spirals. Brightly colored rocks sprawl the vibrant fields, the different colors send subliminal messages to your brain to make sure it stays away while walking this meditation maze. They see these spirals as energetic circuits, each with functions to recharge different parts of your energy fields.

What did I feel? While I was there, I walked about ten of them, and truthfully they did each have a slightly different feel. I skipped through one of them, the air was so clean and the rock colors were playful, it made me happy. There was another where the center of the spiral was a tree, I pressed my forehead against it and thought of Rick. The most intriguing was the one on slanted ground. I really felt like I was in another world, walking a never ending course of warping ups and downs. It was a great metaphor for life, I didn't need to do anything to change the slant and the nature of the ups and downs, I just had to keep going.

Finally, the temples themselves. You can tell that these people take this space very seriously. I felt wrong if I spoke louder than at a library or walked harder than on ice. It is sacred and is worthy of having such a description. The air inside is cool and smells earthy, remember they're under ground. As I've mentioned there are seven of them: Hall of Mirrors, Earth, Water, Metal, Spheres, The Blue Temple and The Labyrinth (no photos were allowed to be taken). Each hall is very delicately and precisely put together with the finest art I've seen of our time. The Hall of Earth in particular was stunning and was floor to ceiling painted with the history to the inescapable future of humanity and beyond into the spirit world. The group had a chance to have a mediation in each hall. For now, I will just share my experience in the Hall of Mirrors.

We started by sitting in a circle facing away from each other, we were given finger circuits to trace for 5 minutes to align ourselves with the energies of this hall. It was like being inside a pyramid filled with mirrors, no matter where you were, you could always see eight of you. Then we were prompted to stand as a woman began to play a gong. Gongs have a special place in meditation, they omit very powerful frequencies that if you tune yourself into them, you'll surely feel something deeper than being human. There was also a stereo that started playing complimentary music and we were told we could dance.

I grew up as a dancer, so seeing eight of me dancing in unison was a treat, like a dance group I always wished for, no practice, just full harmony. It was a beautiful reminder that I am not just my body. Here's what I wrote in my diary that night:

There are eight parts of me, I danced with all of them today.
We were all in time, happy in sequence.
Perfect reflections of each other, we eight are the harmony of one.
When I choose to move any part of one, I move us all.
A great responsibility to be the hand of eight,
I hope they get to move me too, I guess you'd call that fate.

I'm always so happy when I finish a post and always really want to write: With Love (lots of love), Alissa. So I'll start that tradition today.

With Love, Alissa