How I Met My Star Brother

You know that feeling of seeing your family in a crowd? You can spot them anywhere, they may as well be aliens amongst humans because of how much they stand out, like seeing color amongst the grey, color from your box of crayons. That's how I feel whenever I see my family, like I have all my crayons. When I was in Damanhur, I was having lunch at the cafe in Damjil, entering and leaving conversations organically. I loved this most about the place, everyone there is on a similar wave length, usually travelers to whom it doesn't matter your name or story, just the conversation of the now. I was sitting close to a man in his late forties talking about the building of his sacred site in the Brazilian Amazon. Cool! I said I wanted to go. He peered at me disconnectedly for a moment, I wasn't sure if he was sizing up my vibration or wandering about my intention, but he gave me his email address anyway: Robert at Spirit New York.

That's interesting, I said, I live in New York. Still disconnected, we talked about our experiences with the city then he asked about how I ended up in Damanhur today. I told him my story about a friend telling me to come here right before my intended trip to Rome, then the tickets totaling to 999, and ding, ding ding, his eyes lit up! We connected.

Not only that, I saw his eyes, really saw them for the first time. An energy was there, this playful, hopeful, innocent energy that matched the makeup of my being. I recognized it instantly and told him he was my star brother, where ever he was sourcing his energy from, I got mine from there too!

This was day 6, luckily as I had hoped, I made a friend to hang out with for my last three free days in Damanhur. Instantly he accepted me as his little sister and wanted to show me the World, like a big brother would. We did everything together; we went to a hot springs spa amongst the mountains of northern Italy, visited an old Roman village and hiked along its river and I helped him paint a new playground he was building for the children in Damanhur.

This was the first time I felt that I had found a person with the same energy source. Robert and I are so alike, we've read the same books, visited the same places, had very similar experiences. It made me wander how our energy sources are split and how many others are from the same one as me: my brothers and sisters. I suppose it doesn't matter in the grand scheme, but it's nice to know that I can recognize my family, my color crayons: blood or star where ever I go.