The Super Easy Way to Activate Your Chakras and Have More Life

In my very first Easy Mind Friday post I talked about hand positioning when meditating. Have palms down on your knees when going inward, have palms facing up when seeking energy. And then there are finger circuits. This is one of the most useful practices I learnt while in Damanhur. First, I'll briefly explain chakras. They are seven energy points along your body. They are engaged in sourcing your life force at different times, when you use one more than another for long periods of time, they become off balance. When your chakras are off balance, you lose perspective and therefore lose yourself in the game of life, forgetting your source.

So, back to the practice of finger circuits. It's as simple as can be. Think of your body as one big electrical circuit, your chakras are the light bulbs. The switches are your fingers. When you connect certain fingers together, that particular circuit is closed (which turns on the light switch) and one chakra can be engaged at a time.

1. + 2. When you join the thumb and index fingers together you engage the two lower chakras: the base and sacral.

3. The index and middle finger engage the solar chakra.

4. The index and ring finger engage the heart chakra. (Your left ring finger is the only finger which has a vein going straight to the heart).

5. The index and pinkie engage the throat chakra.

6. A fully closed fist with the thumb on top of the fingers engages the third eye.

7. A fully closed fist with the thumb tucked inside the fist engages the crown chakra.

When performing this practice, like any, first come into your body fully (with you hands on your knees). Feel all of your energy fields present inside the body. Feel the energy force that gives you life, be it, be you.

Then, concentrating on one chakra at a time, begin the finger circuits. You will find that some you won't want to spend much time on, these chakras are the already open and functioning, allow your body to tell you where you need to stay and cultivate growth.

This is a great practice for times when everything seems to be going wrong and you can't figure out why. Always, always, always start with your inner world. Before you go hunting there, put your chakras in balance using finger circuits, you will quickly be able to think clearly, you will have more energy and your World will become calmer instantly. 

Easy peasy!

With so much Love, Alissa