My Philosophy, Be-ing and Be-lie-ving

 If you believe you are a rock, it doesn't make you one, it only makes you act like one. Only when we discover our true selves, we don't have to act, we can just be. - Alissa Alekseeva 2012 Recently, I came to the realization that belief is the most powerful tool of the human mind. And because it is created by the mind (the mind being a limited entity, unlike the soul which is part of the infinite), belief can become a very dangerous tool.

When it comes down to it, believing is a form of lie, is it not? Muslims think Christianity is a lie, Catholics think Judaism is a lie, if I believed that I was a rock, you would think I was living a lie.

The English language gives us a clue here: Be-ing and Be-lie-ving.

The truth is, we're all living some form of lie when we search outward for answers without asking ourselves first. The primary example of dangerous believing is religion. A God that will save me and my family at the end of our lives is a comforting thought, but it is a be-lie-f, it is not truth. If it was truth, there would be no debate, no conflict, no need for proof. There is infinite certainty in peace and belief is only a projection of the mind and is everything but certain.

Belief is a very positive tool however when used situationally, outside of identity. This practice is commonly known as 'fake it till you make it', something my friends know I utilize often. Like I said, what ever you believe, you will act in that way until it is no longer a 'lie' but a reality. So a great use for belief is in health, ability, surroundings, relationships. If you believe you are in perfect health, you will act like a perfectly healthy person, your habits will gradually change to fit your belief until it becomes your situational reality. Same for your relationships, if you act like you are in the most loving, beautiful, trusting relationship, in time this will become your reality. If you believe in magic, your World will become magical.

The Secret by Rhonda Byrne is one of the first books to become popular on this subject. I personally think it's awesome, it's a great guide for gaining confidence in your ability to change your life situations.

With Love and Love and Love, Alissa