The Reality of Be-ing and Be-lie-ving

Yesterday's post was dedicated to my good friend Caroline, a super special girl who is overtly in tune (as I call it). Recently we had been talking about our families and upbringings. I told her how lucky I considered myself to be part of a family with a constant flow of change in our synchronized belief system with our base being with the Source. Then she shared her story, one that I think made her the accepting, beautifully open person she is. Caroline was brought up in a Mormon family. She was living this lifestyle until about the age of 18, when she began to walk away from this belief system, realizing that it is not her truth. She moved away from her family to New York, and for a while became the anti-Mormon, until she realized that was not her truth either. After a few years of being in between, she found her true being within. Caroline loves her family and visits them often, but since her step away from Mormonism, her family had begun to see her as a partial outsider because of their differing lifestyles.

What almost brought me to tears is when Caroline told me that her parents still expressly wish for her to become Mormon, they say that they only want for her to be with the whole family in the after life, truly bel-lie-ving that she won't be if she is not Mormon.

I can't even begin to imagine feeling like an outsider in my own family. My Mum often talks about ascension too, but in a way of entering other realms, like meditation becoming our reality where we can be free to visit each other's Worlds. No matter who or what we believe here, we all share the same life force, that's the only thing keeping us alive and the only thing we have when we die, its who we are, all of us. Knowing this truth, you will know that none of us are or will be separate in the after life.

Thanks Caroline, for showing your huge capacity to love and accept yourself and your family. You're part of my star family, part of me always.

Love, Alissa