The Road to Diamonds

An original, fit for this week's theme of using belief systems in your flow of life and being one with the unmanifested in your core identity. I wrote this poem while I was in Damanhur last year, accepting truly for the first time the constant change that is our reality and trusting that I will inevitably become what I have been created for.

Vibrations cannot lie, they exist no matter all my clothing,
Much like a diamond in the dirt or dog excretion in gold coating.
Then there's a series of states in the process of life known as transformation,
If I am born a canine's stool, soon I'll become the ground I lay on.
Then I'll let go of what I've been, see nature through to change me,
Name my religion 'The Becoming', what comes next is what I believe.
You see, I heard about diamonds, a purity that's formed by chance,
So if I yield to transmutation, I trust only time to assist in my advance.

With love and cosmic hugs, Alissa