Gabby Bernstein Brings Out My Truth

Thanks to my awesome sister, who has special a way of kicking my butt into gear, I went to Gabby Bernstein's 'God is My Publicist' lecture on Tuesday night here in NYC. And maaaaaan, am I glad that I went! The resonating theme of the night was 'to speak the truth' in what ever you do, because that's all we really want, it's the only thing that matters! We're starved for it in our capitalistic society, we all just want to see/hear/read/feel something real we can vibe with. It doesn't have to be smart or perfect or fit for all, just connected.

As you may have noticed, there have been a few shifts, changes and additions to the look and overall concept of the blog. Thanks to Gabby, I came home on Tuesday night and haven't really been off the computer since. She taught me focus and clarity, to really look at what I'm doing and be able to describe it, if I'm energized in doing so, I'm living my truth.

So I did, it came to me then and there at that lecture, what I'm doing here is writing this blog to provide insights on how to create a World you love to live in! 

The main question I've had hanging out in my mind since I can remember is what is the meaning of life? That's been my life long quest, to find out what we're all doing here (for such a short time compared to eternity). When I finally stopped searching the World for answers and went inside, deeeep inside, waaaaaaay beyond the capacity of the mind, I found it (go to my first ever posts for Philosophy Monday and Reality Tuesday, there you will find my definition of the Meaning of Life).

Since then, I have become aware of our purpose as energy fields in this Universe, it is to grow the Universe - through me, through you and everyone we come in contact with. Since I'm an inseparable part of it, if I grow my energy field, I expand the whole Universe, even if by a fraction of a millimeter, I would have done my job. Magic! I'm so energized just writing this!

My reality is creation. Actually, this is everyone's reality, the difference is that some people know this and intentionally create a World they love and some don't know it yet and continue to be victims in their own creations.

What I share here at UC is stories from the World I'm creating, the intentions and manifestations, the energy exchanges and the relationship I have with everything that surrounds me. I explain as I reflect on why I encountered certain reactions from the actions I took, the lessons learnt and the growth gained.

What I share here is my truth.

My intention is to be a tool for your mechanics in the creation of your beautiful World.  

May this blog be seen and read by every Being who needs it.

Love, Alissa