Vision Boarding - A Perfect Tool for the Perfect Life

Another thing Gabby's lecture on Tuesday inspired me to do is to create a Vision Board. Remember two weeks ago when I talked about telling "the Genie" what you want, this is a great way to show the Genie/the Universe/the Unmanifested exactly what you want! It's also the ultimate way to define for yourself what your 'prefect picture' looks like. All you have to do is collect/cut out/print pictures of what ever it is you'd like to have presence in your life and stick it up on a poster board. Or you can do what I have been working on for the past two days: a Virtual Vision Board. Thanks to, I have some new found Photoshop skills so I was able to slap these pictures of perfection together and set the Vision Board as my desktop background image, for easy everyday viewing.

So here it is, I welcome you to see my perfect life. With Love, Alissa