Contemplation of Leaving My Mind

 What’s the point of beauty
 If my eyes are sown shut?
 My mind only seems to show me
 A narrow vision on my heart.
 My life is lived a race,
 The jockey of my mind
 Beats me to stay ahead
 For the praise he wants to find.
Why don’t I just leave?
Without him I’d be free.
But then I wouldn’t have a voice
And you wouldn’t even know of me.

In this poem, I address the struggle spirit has when body and intention is solely run by mind, the ego mind to be precise. The mind cannot recognize beauty because it is immeasurable, just as essence is. I contemplate leaving the praise seeking ego, but in the end, I acknowledge that I would have no existence here as a physical being if not for my mind. So I must learn the balance in living and listening to both while I'm here.

Love, Alissa