Go to the Beach! Get Your Dose of Automatic Balance

The most powerful force and entity on the planet is the Ocean. The beautiful forgiving Ocean. I've noticed that whenever I spend a day on the beach, I always leave with almost a light headed tiredness, a feeling of release and peace. That's literally because I did release! The Sea washed through all my ethereal bodies and left me energetically clean and revived.

I accept that there a certain things that I don't know the workings of in this World, but if a ritual in the forest makes sense in restoring energies, a ritual with the biggest force on Earth certainly makes sense to me.

When you take your first dive under the coming wave, you make a bond with the Ocean, you close your eyes and without any thought you trust it to take you in and in return, the Ocean cleanses you whole. This happens automatically, with no mind power needed. How perfect. 

When you're in the Ocean you're visiting another World with completely different rules of existence. Vibrations from your energy emissions are felt clearly by the Sea's inhabitants, you are in harmony with this World only with full trust in the Ocean and gratitude for its existence, nothing can harm you in this state. 

I really began to understand this when I went snorkeling for the first time in Belize. When I first got in the water I completely freaked out, it took me about half and hour to calm down, breathe slow and move with the flow of all other life in the sea. It's different when you're just swimming, you close your eyes when you're underwater and go at your own pace, but when you snorkel and you can see everything below you, the harmony in all existence there, if you're not in harmony with it, you're in panic mode. But when you are (in harmony), it becomes the most beautiful experience. You gain a slow and steady pace, your breath is calm, your motions are fluid, you become part of that World.

In Belize, I got to swim with stingrays, all kinds of pretty tropical fish, and the most amazing was to swim along side a Manatee (commonly known as a sea cow). At one point I even had one little fishie swim underneath me for a while like I was his protective Mummy, awww!

Now if you can attune yourself to the harmony of the Sea World to experience its beauty, imagine the beauty you'd see when in harmony with the World you live in: inside and out.

You can physically see the difference in people's attitudes and ways of life as to who spends more time by the Ocean. In the US, it is commonly referred to East-coast/West-coast attitudes. East being fast and frantic (with New York at its epicenter), West being the slow and calm (think California surfer dudes).

In a perfect reality, we would all live on the Ocean front and be balanced always. Actually, if we all did live by the Ocean, I really do feel that the World would be a different place. Our diet would be healthier, our mind clearer, our spirit stronger, our intentions better. One day.

So if you have the opportunity to ever go to the beach, ALWAYS take it!

Sending you all Loving Waves, Alissa