The Life Saving 5 Second Meditation

Thought is not an energy in itself but when it occurs it attaches itself to an energy wave and goes to the source of the thought: whether it be a person, a possession, past, future etc. This is how I explain the law of manifestation. The more you think about something, the more waves you send to that certain thing and so it becomes prevalent in your life. The other side of manifestation or thought wave sending is person to person, which is frankly never talked about and really is the most important thing to know. Think about it, your friend (Kelly) has done something you don't agree with or don't like. This thought is prevalent in your mind, it repeats and repeats and gains a forceful wave. Where do you think that wave goes? To Kelly of course.

Think about the magic of a text message going from cell phone to cell phone, within seconds the exact thought that you wrote to an intended person catches a phantom wave in the air and appears out of thin air into Kelly's phone, even if she's half a World away. If the message was positive, Kelly feels happy, if negative, Kelly feels bad. Starting to get it?

Our thoughts catch these magical waves and even though consciously we sometimes don't understand why we feel suddenly happy/sad/emotional at times, it's a safe bet to say that it is a result of someone else's thoughts of you.

So what do we do?

The first thing to realize here is that no matter what we may believe, we are all interlinked and we all affect one another.

The second is to acknowledge your relationship with e-v-e-r-y-one and e-v-e-r-y-thing. This is grand scheme Karma.

The third is to release energy floating around in you that's not yours, i.e others' thoughts. If you are constantly in contact with people every day, I recommend doing this little energy cleanse right before you enter your home (so you don't infect your living space). It's super simple, without thought, close your eyes for 5 seconds and imagine/watch grey clouds leaving your bodies and as they do watch them transform into white light and disappear into the Universe. Easy.

When I do this little practice I always shudder, I can physically feel foreign energy leaving me, it's a great liberation and it's so fast!

You will notice headaches disappear, you will feel aligned, you will feel light and whole. You will feel like you.

With healing waves, Alissa