Some Love, Lots of Love, Heaps of Love, Only Love

We live in a World of action=reaction, push=pull, high=low, karma. Everything you do or think or feel, and I mean everything emanates from you and catches energy waves (similar to what I was talking about in the 5 second meditation post). These waves travel to their intended sources and also form your energetic aura (your aura is made up of your base enegry/who you are and your emotional/fluctuating energy which is what I'm talking about here). Life then becomes a game of 'match ups'. Your energy make up or your energetic aura will always look for its match in energy and vice versa and thus creates your life situations.

This is the deep and simple explanation of the law of attraction - why and how positive thinking and manifestation works.

Now it makes sense that angry people always find someone to yell and in effect be yelled at. This is why people usually have the same type of partners over and over again. Until we realize that we need to change ourselves to change our circumstance, we will stay in a repetitive cycle and like a stubby little cactus, we won't grow to our blooming potential.

What ever energy you created around you (good or bad), that's what you will attract, anything else won't hang around for long.

Close your eyes right now. What do you feel around you? If it's anything less than beautiful, change it. You have that power.

With Love Around Me, All For You, Alissa.