The Karma of My Hair

A few weeks ago, I was talking about the magic of getting what you want in the 'Genie' post. This week I've been talking about karma and the laws of attraction and wanted to share with you a little experience from my own life. I love fashion. I love getting my hair done and all those girly things. In New York, a (good) haircut and highlights cost around $300, a luxury I believe every girl should have the opportunity to invest in - your hair is the one accessory you wear every day, if you get it right, fashion is easy.

But $300 every three months or so stacks up fast, so I told my Genie/the Universe that I want my hair to be done by the best of the best in NYC and on top of that, I want it done for free. Not too much to ask :-)

And just like it should, the law of attraction works. I was reading a magazine and my eyes were led to see an ad that said 'free haircuts, be a model for Bumble and Bumble' (the best hair care brand ever). I emailed them, went in for a consultation, now I'm a regular model there - I get my hair cut and colored by salon owners who come to Bumble and Bumble in New York to learn new techniques and try them out on me. Meaning, I have the most current hairstyle, crafted by the best of the best! On top of that, I get free products! Thanks for the bonus Genie!

Name what you want. Exactly what you want. No matter what it is. Trust in your relationship with your life, your Genie, your Universe to lead you to where you want to be.

Now here's the interesting part. Every time I go in, I have a new hairdresser. One of the first times I ever went in, my stylist's name was Venus. I usually never talk to stylists while they're working because I know they're concentrating, but I knew I had to talk to this girl (whenever I see the names Venus or Aurora, they're my signal words for 'home'). I knew she had some sort of message for me, even if she didn't know it herself.

We started with the usual: what do you do, etc. I told her I was confused in my purpose and I was looking for something I could dedicate myself to. She asked me what I liked to do, I said I love to write. Without any advice, she simply said 'I have a friend who loves to write, she has a job she does for money but for love she writes a blog and is super happy with her life'.

That week I started Universe + Chorus, my new home. Thank you Venus, where ever you are.

This Monday I went in and had a guy named Brendan style my hair. Not a name that denotes my home, but we did discover that he once lived on the very street I live on now: Kingsland Avenue. So I talked to him too. He had a cast on his left hand from a car accident the previous week and was really hurting while doing my hair. I told him I was a Reiki Master (what are the chances, the injured stylist gets paired with the healer), he knew what that meant and was beyond grateful when I asked if I could hold his broken hand.

I could feel deep pressure and stressful energy in his hand, I released it and transformed it in the exact same way I taught the 'Life Saving 5 Second Meditation'. He said he felt a big relief from the pain.

He took greater care in all his movements from that moment. Like the law of karma, I took care with his energy, in effect he gave care to the energy around him. That's what healed his hand, his interaction with the energy around him, not me.

With Love and Healing Energy, Alissa