Your Purpose as the Universe

If you were the Universe (which you are) what would be your purpose? Think about this, why would you split yourself into free thinking forces (you and I) within your very self? To learn? Not really, because as a whole, you already know everything.

To experience? Not quite, because there is no such thing as a new feeling for the creator of all.

To love? To love you is to love me because we are both the Universe, so that can't be the only thing.

Your purpose is to grow. That's the only way you will survive as a Universe. You and I are in physical bodies to experience growth through obstacles and limitations: the fastest track to growth. If you were the Universe (which you are),  you couldn't think of a better way to grow but to create a frustratingly limited, solid body to give yourself the ability to physically feel what it means to grow and die.

As physical individuals we experience the feeling of growth and death everyday!

When we are in a state of love and peace, you can say it's a feeling of infinite capacity, you feel like you're open and expanding - that's growth. When in conflict and when we're angry or in a negative state, our body literally contracts: our knuckles clench up, our muscles are tightened, our jaw is locked, it's a feeling of diminishment - that's death.

As a society and a race, we are still in existence because our expansion is still slightly higher than the contraction we inflict on the Universe. Once that tips the other way, we won't be around anymore.

What can you do to keep us around? Observe your levels of expansion and contraction, your expansion must stay above your contractions. Do what ever you need to do to stay level, balanced and peaceful. The feeling of expansion is as easy as taking a walk during your lunch break, indulging (guilt-free) in a delicious cookie, smiling at a stranger, meditating and giving your love freely to yourself and everything around you. It's the small things you do and how often you do them, they could be the difference between life and death.

With Free Flowing Love, Alissa