How to Save Someone when they're Energetically Drowning

When your glass (of life) is full, you don't have any space for light and you can't put anything else in it, that gets frustrating fast! Here's what to do...

My husband Rick has had a full glass for a while, we just got married in March and he also recently started his own business - Gorilla Bins in NYC: sustainable moving boxes that he delivers to your door and picks them up from your new address two weeks later. This way you don't need to buy or waste cardboard boxes when moving and it works out to be about the same price, including the delivery!  He's been selling out each month since the launch in April and you can imagine how much work goes into a one man show.

I began noticing in Rick's behavior just how tired he was becoming. I would clean his energy field as often as I could to keep him balanced, but noticed that it just wasn't enough. He was at capacity in his life intake, any more and he would overflow (not in a good way).

When you're caught up in a cycle like this where you just have to keep swimming to survive, its hard to take time out to breathe. At times like these we need a boost, we need energy coffee, we need help.

I would do all I can to help him in the physical aspects of his life, like cooking and laundry etc, to give him time to do his work and realized I needed to do more. So I began creating space. 

I started this practice after a destructive phone call Rick and I had when he was caught up in a negative life situation of that day, filled with stuff in his head and no room for his essence to be present in his relations. I hung up the phone, closed my eyes and imagined his Being in front of me. I could see a sad and tired flailing energy and I began expanding that ember into a light, I felt amazing doing this practice, I kept expanding his essence and the light grew so big, it filled my eyes like the sun and I knew my work was done. 

I came home about an hour later, Rick was there and greeted me with a loving embrace, with peace in his eyes and an apology for acting irrationally earlier on the phone.

I don't know the science behind expanding another Being's energy, but I figure that if I can expand my own, I can expand anyone else's, since we're all essentially the same thing. So if you know someone who's missing some space in their life, create it for them, share the peace, expand the light, it might just be the help they've been needing.

With Love and Light, Alissa