Remember to Come Up for Air when You're Under Water

Yesterday I talked about how I've been watching Rick struggling in his full-glass life-situation and it reminded me of a time when I felt exactly the same way. A few years ago, without conscious knowing, I had been churning and churning myself into a spiral, believing I was succeeding and that I had to keep going no matter what.

Then I realized that even will all my successes I was becoming more unhappy and unfulfilled. I had been on a downward spiral, I hadn't stopped to appreciate all my gifts in between and so for the first time, I felt like I failed myself.

I wrote this to remind myself never to walk down that spiral again:

Center of my spiral
Shoulders growing heavy
Darkness on my side,
I’m in an even Underworld
Where the sun would never hide.
Here I stand alone,
With nothing that would catch me,
If I fall, it would be my last, 
No floor, no walls, no ceiling.
I’m in the center of my spiral,
My eyes are sown shut.
I failed to see the beauty,
I never thought to stop and breathe.
I’m left here standing, just body and mind,
My soul left long ago.
My only choices are to learn to fly
Or to take the endless fall.

With Love and Air, Alissa