Become One of those People who Fills a Room with their Presence

Emptiness is a beautiful thing, other words for it are: the unmanifested, potential and infinity. Think about how you feel when you're in a place, for example a cafe full of people. With all of their energies around, you tend to keep to yourself and stay compacted as an energy. Now what about when the cafe is empty, you have a feeling of freedom as if you can stretch yourself out fully.

Emptiness is what you grow into, it gives you the opportunity to claim it into your energy field and expand yourself. How amazing.

This is why people who live in remote places are so calm and Worldly. Their energy is spread so far and wide, like a lake that experiences life situations only on the surface and is deep enough to sustain its unmoving peace.

And it's the same reason why people in big cities have such intense personalities as their energies get concentrated within confined spaces and typically swirl within their bodies. Their energy waits for the emptiness and release which rarely occurs, especially since most people are living on top of one another in apartment buildings, the soul never gets to truly spread there.

It's so important to give our Being some space to spread. Our soul, our spirit, our essence wants a stretch!

Simply making an effort to visit places with more physical space between people can make a huge difference to your growth and depth! The beach, the forest, the park, a mountain, a lake, are all the places your soul yearns for. All you have to do is physically take yourself there, your soul will do the rest and you will feel the difference.

You know the saying "she fills the room" or "he has a strong presence", this is where it comes from! Here's your chance to grow your essence and fill a room with your beautiful presence.

With Love and Space, Alissa