Create Some Space in the Infinite, My Live Meditation Class

Some of you may have seen on my Facebook or Twitter on Wednesday, an invitation to my live meditation class, called 'Create Some Space', held on a beautiful garden rooftop in Williamsburg, Brooklyn on 8.8.12 at 8pm (the number of infinity). The focus of the class was to create some space within your energy field for life to flow through you freely. In other words, to get rid of any blocks and foreign energy from your existence so that you can be you. Today, I'll share the practice I led there, maybe you can try it yourself, it only takes 10 minutes.

Start by sitting on the floor or on a chair with your feet joined together and your palms down on your knees. Your hands and feet are major energy centers on your body, from which energy constantly flows, so to start, we want to close the energy circuit for the energy to circulate totally within our body. We're going in.

Close your eyes and watch your body from the inside. Feel the flow of the energy circulating within, feel all of your limbs and organs. Now, notice if you have any discomfort in any area of your body - pain or dis-ease of any kind, see how it doesn't blend with your flow of energy, this is not yours. Recognize it, say hello and allow it to pass through you, upwards like a grey cloud evaporating. And as it leaves out though your head, watch it turn into light and disappear, you don't need to know where it goes.

Now that you are wholly you, notice your life force right in the core of your being: your light. This is what's keeping you alive. Turn it's brightness up, expand the rays, watch them grow within your body. Feel how it fills your entire Being with a buzzing vibration, a profound lightness where you know you are safe. 

You and beaming now, share it. Unlink your feet and place them on the ground and turn your palms up to face the sky, so that your circuit becomes open and your energy shines and interacts with all. Notice how wonderful it feels to interact with the energies around you in this state. Notice how the World welcomes you, how it's been waiting to be with yon in this frequency.

Remember this feeling. This is who you really are.

Open your eyes when you're ready.

If we can all live in this frequency for at least 10 minutes a day - if not the whole day, I think we would see a lot of changes in the way we interact with one another and the World.

Try it in your World and notice the changes you see, I bet life will get a whole lot easier, real quick!

With Love and Light Rays, Alissa