A New Walt Disney Production, Starring You!

Telling the truth is easy. The truth is something we know, everything else is part of a role we play on the stage of life, a role everyone around us knows is not our true self, even if we ourselves sometimes forget. The truth is, we are all actors. Our career began at around the age of four when we began observing grown-ups and how they play their game of life, so we began acting like them, or 'trying it on'. Girls would play teacher or chef with their friends and boys would take on the role of soldiers and pilots, all within the bounds of our childhood bedrooms and playgrounds.

But as children, we knew that that persona isn't who we really are, we participated in its essence whole heartedly, put it away when the game was over and went back to being ourselves.

As children, we knew where the line was between acting and being, between make be-lie-ving and being. As we 'grew-up', that line disappeared and we began to take our roles seriously, and in effect, losing ourselves on stage.

You don't have to act to be who you are, you're already whole. Only observe what your energy output feels like, if it feels wonderful - you're doing your job, if it doesn't - change it! You have that ability.

We are human beings, not human doings. What you do isn't who you are. Who you are is the energy emanating from you and how it interacts with its World. 

So it doesn't matter what you do, as long as you're happy doing it!

With Love and freshly baked pretend cookies, Alissa.