Become a Philanthropist by Skipping in the Street

When I was living in Toronto a few years ago I noticed a mass abundance of homeless people, more than in any other place I've lived. One day I ran into a cafe as it began to downpour outside, there was a homeless man right outside the window. He really didn't care that it was raining or that he was getting soaked, he was singing out loud and looked quuuite crazy.

I watched him for a while and thought, Wow! How liberating it must be to just freely sing and dance and do whatever in the rain! And the funny thing is, no one cared. It's like they expected this behavior from someone like him. While we think we're comfortable in our social norms, we constrain our need for expression and liberty, and so we're not quite free like this man was that day. Today's poem in this Originals Wednesday is dedicated to him, for you.

I applaud him for his display of freedom and I encourage you to skip, sing and dance when ever and where ever you feel the want. No one will think you're crazy, they'll remember you and you will give them the courage to do the same.

He’s past the point of laughter,
No longer entertainment,
Deemed homeless, crazy, maybe high,
Sitting out on cold, wet pavement.
Swinging his wild arms, wild arms.
Creating some inaudible music,
Conducting his imaginary orchestra.
If you gave him a hand, I don’t think he’d use it.
He's happy in his freedom from the rules,
Why can’t we sing out loud if we want to?
The price is fear of scolding stares,
Turn up your volume, he paid for you.

With Love and Liberty, Alissa