Share the Goodies On Your Plate, You Might Get Something Tasty in Exchange

I've worked in places where I don't know a thing about the people around me and they don't know a thing about me, we'd all go there to make money and go back to "our lives" when we were done. The problem with that is, we spend most of our time at work making money, so "living our life" becomes the extra thing we do afterwards. And with the skies being so open for us to tap into lately, it would be foolish to continue living this way - consciousness should be prevalent in all aspects of our lives, especially in the place where we spend most of our time.

Two weeks ago, I started working in a new restaurant in the Lower East Side in NY and decided to be me from the beginning, all the way - the fun, the weird and the spiritual. I began being inclusive in all aspects of my life, letting people in to the my deepest most honest self. The beauty of this has been that I've been let in too.

I tell people freely about Universe + Chorus and allow them to embrace it or not - it doesn't matter. Ultimately everyone is looking at the same thing (the World), just from different angles, I invite people to look at the view I see, they don't have to stay there, as long as they come to visit.

In return, I have come to know that I am surrounded by the most amazing people, as if I hand selected them myself. One of the restaurant owners revealed to me yesterday after finding out that I'm a Reiki Master, that his Mum is a Reiki Master teacher and that he has Level 2 Reiki!

Then another owner began showing me his art work, and Wow!! Its beauty really speaks for itself, and I wanted it share it here. His name is Benedict Dos Remedios, I hope you all love it as much as I do!

With Love and Color, Alissa