Rooftop Mandalas

A Mandala is the Sanskrit word for Circle. Drawings of Mandalas have been used for centuries in Eastern cultures to aid in meditation practices for ease in connecting to the source. It is usually circular and geometric, but it definitely doesn't have to be. It's said to be a representation of the unconscious self. Last night I held a Mandala class on a beautiful rooftop in Brooklyn. We started with a little meditation to tap into our Being so we could resonate within that vibration when creating our representations of the unconscious (or subconscious) self.

The class was paradoxically interactive but silent. We all held each other's presence without speaking when creating our Mandalas. It was quite a beautiful presence to be in.

We finished the class with peer interpretations of our works. This was the fun part! We were able to gain insight from our (new) friends in the class, people who are for the most part disconnected from our life situations but were wholly connected to us as Beings last night.

Kat's Mandala we all agreed showed the deep, swirling emotions she contracts inside her, although she showed a beautiful light in the center of the Mandala which is her Being and somehow even through those enclosing emotions she still outwardly radiates her light - this was shown with the yellow glow around her Mandala.

Kat was so nervous to show her work, she felt that it truly represented how she felt, as if she was baring her soul. I was really grateful and proud of her for sharing. I let her know that there is nothing to be afraid of, that no one truly cares about her persona or the role she's playing in her life right now, the  one thing we can all care about is her truth, and this was it! Without knowing her story or situation, I love her because she showed me her soul.

Another student AJ showed us the beautiful waves of energy she omits from her Being (from the center of the Mandala), and a ring encapsulating these waves (her walls as she described it). The interesting thing was that in her Mandala, her waves and her walls were the same color! Ian, a great friend of mine who also participated in the class, pointed this out and we realized that AJ's walls were self made. What a revelation!

Each of us brought unique insights to each other about our inner representations. Each of the insights made perfect sense to us all and I think a few of us had some major breakthroughs!

I recommend doing this practice at least once a year (at most once a week). It will show you exactly where your soul is at and what it needs to grow. And you will have physical pictures of your growth, with each Mandala you'll see how far you've come!

With Love and Circles, Alissa