Jesus is that You?

Christian or not, we've all heard the tale of Jesus having the ability to heal people and cure illnesses. What the guys who wrote the Bible forgot to mention is that everyone has this ability! And using it is easier to grasp than learning how to swim. These disciple guys wrote the Christian book using fairy tales, analogies and exaggerations that it makes it quite difficult to discover which are the facts.

Do I think a man named Jesus lived around 2000 years ago? Yes. Do I believe he healed people? Yes. Here's how...

Everything that we see unfold before our eyes has already happened in the energy realm and is just manifesting itself into the physical. 

Do I believe that Jesus mended broken bones within seconds? No. But, what he did (what we all have the ability to do) is speak to energies and instruct their transformation to manifest directly in the physical realm.

How do you speak to energy? Imagination. It's what the disciples used to write the Bible, it's what we all can use to become the return of the Jesus Christ consciousness; myth or not, it's a great existence to strive for.

What exactly do we do? Easy!

Let's practice on ourselves first. If you have an illness, a disease, a broken bone, even a headache, close your eyes and see/imagine it as part of you energetic makeup, see your body as an energy form in its entirety. You will notice the dis-ease is a different color or has a throbbing pulse compared to the rest of your energy body: acknowledge it, love it, make it your faithful puppy who would do anything for you. Now watch it transform into something beautiful. That's it! 

As soon as it changes in your energy body, your physical will immediately begin to work to take its shape. If you have a loving relationship with all of the energies within you, imagine the kind of person you will soon become...

With Love and puppies of Light, Alissa