All We Ever Have is the Present

Energy only lives in the present. If your mind is in the past, your energy becomes stagnant. To thrive, your energy needs your full attention only in the present moment, that's the only time you have to grow. The poem I wrote below was inspired by time, energy and the book Einstein's Dreams by Alan Lightman. From writing it, I began to notice how much time I spent in the past, replaying alternative scenarios in my mind and having emotional reactions to each case. When really, that's quite insane as it is absolutely impossible to undo or redo the past and before you know it all that time is already spent. Enjoy (this present moment)!

Somewhere in the past
I let myself get lost,
I dream of what has gone,
What could have been, where not I was.
With time being this sticky,
It left me there alone,
Daymares of alternatives
Taking up the present zone.
If only I knew better,
If only I’d just live,
Create new pasts from presents,
Instead I pay for what I never did.
But time won’t stop and listen,
It gives me just one chance,
When I fall, it never offers
To lend me one of its three hands.

With Love from my Two Hands, Alissa