Practice Your Energy Recognition, Play My Match-Up Game

Isn't it funny how seeing one picture from the past can make you feel exactly the way you did in that picture, you may not remember all that happened before and after, but you certainly remember the feeling. That's energy. Each place in the World has it's own energies, they're comprised from the core energy of the place in regard to its location on the map, as well as an accumulation  of energies that people of that place (visitors and residents) and animals, plants and waters have left behind over the entire history of the World.

You know from your own experience that everyone's homes have their own energies: what you can feel is the energy waves that the people of the household communicate to each other through. You know instantly when you walk into someone's home whether it is a peaceful environment or not. In this way, we are all in tune, we know everything about a place without having to learn anything about it. So take it as a compliment next time you have guests over that don't want to leave :-)

Now I want to share what I felt in some of the places I've visited in the World. To make it fun, I want to see if you can guess what energies I felt just by looking at these pictures I took during my travels. There are 9 descriptions below, see if you can match them to each of the 9 pictures and I'll give you the answers in tomorrow's post. Fun!

a. Grounding Peace

b. Guarded Freedom

c. Writhing Peace

d. Freezing Warmth

e. Quiet Joy

f. A Sharp Gift

g. Deserted Faith

h. The Kind Teacher

i. Contained and Contented