2 Minute Meditation to Overcome Depression

Yesterday I woke up and lay in bed for two hours before getting up. I had a things I wanted to do before going to work and accomplished none of them. I arrived at work tired and a little disoriented. Did anyone else feel like this?

Amazingly, while I was at work, my Mum emailed me an urgent message saying that her and my Dad had the same symptoms. It's because of a huge shift on the planet that happened overnight coming into the 23rd of August. Because of cosmic and planetary movements, the vibration of the Earth rose significantly (scientifically measurable) and to be able to thrive and resonate with it, we all must account for ourselves and raise our vibrations to stay in tune to the Earth (when you're not in tune, you can be diagnosed as chemically imbalanced, e.g depression, adhd, etc).

Luckily, my Mum included a 2 minute meditation (below) for me to do right then and there while I was standing in the middle of the restaurant where I work. (My vitality is more important than people possibly thinking I may be nuts, and if they ask what I'm doing, I'll teach them).

It is such an important meditation for us all to do that I needed to share it here.

It's very simple, just repeat the words below while imagining the light from your Being expanding with every breath.

'I am connecting to the Earth and the ether. I have crystals under my feet and above my head. I am free of low vibration frequencies and thoughts that interfere with my evolution and growth. I Am One-ness (at this point all your ethereal bodies merge). I breathe in the light of the Source: of peace and joy, harmony and strength, health and abundance, Love and compassion. I fill my heart with this light. I allow this light to expand. As my light expands, I am connected with all  light and all existence and all of the unmanifested, I become it and it becomes me. I am an inseparable part of the ever expanding One.'

It's always that simple.

With the Frequency of Love, Alissa (and my parents).


As promised, here are the answers for yesterday's post:

a. Grounding Peace: 2. Wanaka, New Zealand
b. Guarded Freedom: 9. Fiji
c. Writhing Peace: 1. Taupo, New Zealand
d. Freezing Warmth: 8. Montreal, Canada
e. Quiet Joy: 5. Mexico
f. A Sharp Gift: 7. Guatemala
g. Deserted Faith: 6. Belize
h. The Kind Teacher: 4. Canada
i. Contained and Contented: 3. Munich, Germany