How to Be Pain-Free in Your Relationships (Video)

Vilcabamba, Ecuador. What an enchanting little place! My parents moved there a little over two years ago, and what a life they've lived since!

Face value, it looks like another typical, Catholic, South American village. There's the square park in the center, a church at its north, with shops and restaurants which surround.

But when you spend a day is this little village, and walk through the outskirts of its center, you'll get to know very quickly that it's a place of refuge and revival for the new age hippies, raw food-ists, energy/vitality workers, organic gardeners and just over all special beings. These people have all moved away from the capitalistic, western mass society to cultivate their energy field and exercise a more liberating way of life. And somehow, they all found each other congregating here!

When I was living with my parents there earlier this year, we had visitors come over almost every day! People passing through who had heard about my parents from someone else in the town would walk to our '11:11 sunshine gates' just to see if we could hang out for a while. Some of them don't even know my Mum is a Reiki master before they arrive, but somehow they know they need to come, and almost always the subject moves to energy. When guests leave they're revived with new, practical knowledge of life.

But that's not even what I wanted to talk about today! Welcome to my first Vlog! Watch it and let me know what you think!

With Love and Sunbows, Alissa