28 Days of Love

Practice makes permanent. That's a fact. When you do something consecutively for 28 days it becomes a habit. Your brain takes this time to create new shortcuts for you to be able to essentially go on auto-pilot mode, and the new habit you have created becomes natural and easy. This is why rehab programs usually last 28 days: its the vital amount of time to form new healthy habits.

My proposal is that you create a new habit of practicing love! Starting today, think of one thing you can do daily to cultivate more love in your life.

You could make it a habit to say out loud 'good morning beautiful' when you wake up and look at yourself in the mirror.

You could make a point to pay one person (friend or stranger) a sincere compliment each day, eg. 'you have bright sparkling eyes'.

You could just take 2 minutes each day to sit in a closed circuit position and feel your light grow inside you.

You could remind yourself to pull your shoulders back and smile (even when you're alone) - physical posture has everything to do with your mood.

You could make a point to listen to someone and allow the information to settle without judgement or opinion - just let what has been said be.

You could decide to be the most honest you you know to be, regardless of the fear of non-acceptance.

You could watch yourself from an stranger's point of view.

Whatever you decide, remember to practice it every day for four weeks. It will then become a beautiful part of your identity. Changing the World starts with you, if you can create loving habits, that energy will emanate from you and be drawn back to you.

This month, I'm going to work on my posture: making sure I'm always sitting and standing upright with my shoulders back. I'm doing it right now as I'm sitting here writing on the couch, and it really does has this magical effect of feeling bright and light that I can't help but smile!

With Love and Beaming Shoulders, Alissa