The Only Mystery Left in the World

Imagine being one of the first humans of existence 40,000 years ago. Imagine being born into a family with no ancestors or elders pass on their knowledge, who know nothing about life and existence apart from basic survival. For all you know, your family could be the only ones of it's kind in a World you know nothing about. You don't even have an idea of what a World is, what it looks like or what's beyond it, your only cares are to eat and stay warm. One day, you witness your first death, let's say it was a deer. Yes, you've seen them walking around before, but now it lays motionless. What a fascination! You visit it every day and after a few weeks you see the Earth swallow it whole, then after a few months the Earth bares new plants in that exact place. Well the Earth must be a magical! You can't explain how or why this happens but in this instance you learn that life is temporary but transfusional. You start believing that when you die, the Earth will take you too and transform you into a plant.

At that moment, you realize that all the plants you see must be your ancestors, decomposed and born anew. What an extraordinary realization! You are surrounded by your family: beings of of knowledge who came back as fruit or poison to nourish you and teach you lessons.

Thousands of years go by and science is born.

It teaches us about decomposition in such detail that all mystery is taken away and we realize that plants are born from seeds, cultivated by the World's airborne and underground creatures.

Next we realize the vastness of space and that becomes a mystery too. We have figured out how most of life works, we now come to the intelligent realization that the World's laws must be governed by some greater force, as the negative guy keeps getting into accidents, while the positive girl is constantly showered with gifts. And because our imagination is somewhat limited and infinitely tied to our physical existence, we come to a conclusion that the World is governed by a man like spirit living somewhere in the vastness and watching our every move; deciding on our fate based on the actions we take.

It's 2012 and we have become more intelligent still!

Space is still a slight mystery, but the (very accurate) telescopes have not once spotted a dude in the clouds. We know the majority of what's out there.

But the mind seeks wander. So let's find something appropriate for our fully developed intelligent mind to marvel at.

In my opinion (and yes I'm allowed to have one), religion is beyooond outdated. How is it that smart, educated people can live in "the real World", then go to church or religious gatherings and continue to explicitly lie to themselves about what's true? Yes there is a place for religion in terms of the values their fairy tales teach us, like a story read to a child who is developing his instincts for right and wrong. But come on, let's finally admit it to ourselves, they're not fact, they're all fairy tales!

There is luckily something of great wander that we can all marvel at and explore. Something that will never be outdated. Something that the mind can never really grasp nor science can explain. A true mystery. A vehicle for the conception of the World as we know it. Ourselves.

That's right. You and I are the great wanders of the World. 

Do you know what consciousness is? Do you know yourself in terms of the energy you project and how you resonate with the Earth you live on and the people that surround you? Do you know where you go when your physical body dies? Do you know your infinite self, the one that lives forever: its past and purpose?

Get to know yourself. Through knowing you, you'll begin understand everything and everyone, there's no way you'll be able to do any "wrong". That's compassion: a neutral state of being beyond polars, also known as Unconditional Love.  

Explore this mystery. It's the only one left and it's looking right at you in the mirror.

With Love, Your Reflection, Alissa