Magic of the Night

Mysteries are an important rite into the realization of energy. It's like eating in complete darkness: you savor every bite as you feel all the textures from the moment the food enters your mouth to the soft sensation of its puree sliding down your esophagus. The feeling of eating is forgotten most of the time when we focus solely on its appearance.

So in this case, mystery is a great friend in cultivating all you other senses (before the revelation of the true form).

And today's poem is about just that.

The Nyx
The Sun puts on his cape at nine
With sparkling jewels we know as Night.
Some ride the wave of her tidal muse,
She brings a type of mystic flight.
Night whispers things that light dare not,
She opens doors to the surreal.
She closed my eyes, awakened my glow,
And showed me things I could only feel.

With Love and Magic, Alissa