You're in the Right Place at the Right Time

At times it seems like some people are living by different karmic rules. Some people seem to have things automatically fall into their lap and things just naturally go their way. These people would call this phenomenal life trait of theirs as fate, I call it alignment. As a person you are two things: energetic (part of the Cosmos) and physical (part of the Earth). When you single yourself out and be-lie-ve that you are a separate entity from these two forces that's when you will find yourself in the wrong place at the wrong time (a lot). Naturally, if you transcend the ego (your 'me' mind) and accept that you are an inseparable part of both the Earth and the Cosmos, you will be welcomed to play with more energy than your mind could ever dream of.

When you allow yourself to be part of the Earth and the Cosmos you will see that in fact nothing ever belongs to you but everything is available to you. The river flows much smoother when there's no wall trying to hoard the water in, such is your life.

With free-flowing Love, Alissa