Come on Baby Light My Fire

Sometimes (most of the time) we search for something outside of ourselves to fulfill us and make us feel aligned and whole. But this never happens unless you take responsibility for your own alignment and Be whole on your own. In this way you can add to someone's life, and they can add to yours. The poem below illustrates how exhausting it can become to wait for another's actions to ignite your fire. My advice, give yourself time to build a steady base for your fire (your spirit/life force) to be able to warm everyone in your presence and add to their lives. Because really, no one wants a crazy fire built on hay stacks: it will be bright for a minute and burn you then die down to leave you cold.

A gaze, a look,
Away, within.
Ignite, withdraw,
Withhold, relight.
Sparkle and wait,
It’ll happen, it’s fate.
Wait and wait and wait
And wait.

With Love and Fire, Alissa