Très Brooklyn

This is my favorite time of year! It's still warm but not so hot that you're swimming in your clothes. I love this time especially for biking around and taking pictures of super-awesome-cool stuff Brooklyn keeps showing me. I was also stopped on the street a few weeks ago by a photographer for fashion blog C'est Tres Brooklyn (French for 'that's very Brooklyn', he told me Parisian stylists have begun to use this term because of Brooklyn's distinct style). In this picture below I'm wearing a vintage midi dress from my Mum's closet (gifted to me when I was in Vilcabamba last, thanks Muz!) :-)

There are a lot of messages in Brooklyn's street art. When you're aligned, you begin to notice these messages just in the right times and they will serve as signs for you in your immediate life situations - when you're aligned with life, life tends to be "on your side" and strives help you out.

With Love and eye joy, Alissa