Good Morning, Time to Wake Up

Welcome to a new Mayan Day: Day 5 begun on Wednesday, does everyone feel a little lighter? My Wednesday was a little shaky: day 1 of the 20 day cycle of 'Day 5' (I hope that makes sense) I consider to be the morning, aaaand I'm definitely not a morning person so day 2 and now day 3 are feeling a lot easier.

Still, I've been noticing a lot of accidents occurring around the city: people being in the wrong place, just a few seconds out of sync. Because, like Zooey said: waking up is really hard! So I wanted to help...

I want to reiterate how important it is to be aligned with the Earth and the Cosmos, i.e: your total surroundings. When aligned, you are 'awake', always guided and always prompted: you're safe on a boat which is automatically steered by the river of life. (I may have gone a weeee bit cheesy there, but my point is clear).


It’s very simple, just repeat the words below while imagining the light from your Being expanding with every breath.

‘I am connecting to the Earth and the ether. I have crystals under my feet and above my head. I am free of low vibration frequencies and thoughts that interfere with my evolution and growth. I Am One-ness (at this point all your ethereal bodies merge). I breathe in the light of the Source: of peace and joy, harmony and strength, health and abundance, Love and compassion. I fill my heart with this light. I allow this light to expand. As my light expands, I am connected with all  light and all existence and all of the unmanifested, I become it and it becomes me. I am an inseparable part of the ever expanding One.’

It’s always that simple.

With Love and hugs, Alissa