It's Always Sunny in Compassion Land

Your mind solves puzzles. Your soul loves unconditionally. Your body expresses the combination of both (in perfect ratio) - you know when someone 'lights up the room', these people have a higher ratio of soul presence than analytical mind. Where do emotions come from?

Only recently my mind solved the puzzle of emotion vs. compassion: reaction vs. love.

Emotions are the reaction or response from your mind's activity, and only from your mind. Think about it, when your mind is replaying events from the past that it wishes were different, the response is that knotted feeling in your stomach called regret.

If your mind is constantly guessing what will happen next with no satisfaction (like a dog chasing its tail), the response is anxiety. If someone said or didn't say something that hurt your mind's vision of you-self, the response is a swelling feeling that turns into tears.

When the emotion is suppressed or experienced over and over - for a long period of time, something more serious happens. Your body begins to store it in its physical cells. The cells begin to swell every time you experience the emotion, like an emotion bank. When this bank grows big enough to be seen or medically detected, it's called cancer.

[Realization break]

Compassion on the other hand is a physical expression of Love. Its the feeling that you can relate and communicate with any one: from babies to grannies, and not only all people but all species of life: animals, plants, rocks, the Earth. Compassion is the capacity to know how someone or something feels, and then give them the love they need, the Love we all need.

A tear of compassion is the most powerful healing liquid in the World. It is a self response that is completely free from the self / the ego. It does not swell or collect in the cells of your body, but rather increases your Soul to Mind presence ratio, and in effect grows your light and dissolves the fog.

With Love on a clear sunny day in Brooklyn, Alissa