Use this Post as Your Tissue

In my life, I've always been a cryer. I never used to think that there was anything wrong with "letting it all out". Only now, I've realized that I allowed my mind to control "me" and then when my mind didn't solve my problem, I would hand myself over to my emotional body (which didn't solve any problems either). Think about it, when have you ever solved a problem with tears and gulping? It's completely irrational when you really consider it. The only use it has in a problematic situation that your mind cannot solve is time. Crying buys time.

Only now I understand what it means when people say "be strong" - being emotionally strong is not allowing your emotional body to take over, comfort and operate you. Being strong in this case is calling for pure presence of your Soul. When you access your infinite self, your immediate life situations and problems that can cause emotional distress begin to seem so minuscule and irrelevant to your ultimate existence.

In this state you never have to waste time waddling in emotions, you are able to think clearly and get through any temporary situation (and they're all temporary).

With Love and a clear dry face, Alissa