The Edge of Freedom

We are not free as long as we have this idea about ourselves that we are individuals that need to make a name and a reputation for ourselves. What for? Have you not yet realized that you will die? That everyone you are trying to please will die too (physically I mean)? And in the scope of your eternal existence, it's going to happen preeeeetty soon - to everyone.

If we could all just shake our shell (our ego) off, we would realize that we are all one growing unit. Those in tune to the unit on the physical plane have what is called 'common sense' - a common wave length we all access that psychologically links us and somewhat allows us to experience a certain level of compassion.

Below is one of my favorite original vintage works, it expresses the paralysis our mind/ego and emotions/reactions have over our eternal freedom.


I reach for opportunity
As far as my arms stretch,
But walk is to walk
And move my legs.
Movement, ah `movemeant´,
A word to ruminate,
Two syllables of action
Predicting regret.
If only, if only
I could shed like a snake
And shake this shell of bravado
I´d know you, I´d love me.
I´d saunter, I´d run.
This I muse on the edge of freedom.

With Love and common sense, Alissa